Kaliya “Identify Woman” Young: Humanizing Technology

Advanced Cyber/IO, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Ethics
Kaliya Hamlin Young

Humanizing technology

It’s easier to turn technology in the direction of democracy and social justice when it’s developed with social and emotional intelligence..

One key element of the answer to that question is to generate a digital identity that is not under the control of a corporation, an organization or a government.

I have been co-leading the community surrounding the Internet Identity Workshop for the last 12 years. After many explorations of the techno-possibility landscape we have finally made some breakthroughs that will lay the foundations of a real internet-scale infrastructure to support what are called ‘user-centric’ or ‘self-sovereign’ identities.

Tom Atlee: The Fall and Rise of Truth, Trust, and Society’s Capacity for Wisdom

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics
Tom Atlee

The fall and rise of truth, trust and society’s capacity for wisdom

We are in a period that is sometimes called the “post-truth era”, with a disturbing subtext that it might also be post-trust. Where do we turn for people, information, institutions that we can fully trust, that are dependably truthful – especially for ALL of us diverse people who find ourselves sharing public spaces and challenges with others we don’t understand and may even detest or fear as driven by evil designs and deranged narratives?

Victurus Libertas: FreedomTube, FreedomSocial

Advanced Cyber/IO, Collective Intelligence