Ty Simpson: Dantheman on Solving Fake News Problem and Achieving True Consensus

Ty Simpson

How to Solve Fake News with Proof of Consensus and Blockchains

There is a significant difference between “perception of consensus” and “actual consensus”. This difference has never been clearer than the “perceived consensus” that Hillary would win, and the “actual consensus” that Trump won.


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Tom Atlee: New Book Participatory Sustainability

Tom Atlee

Participatory Sustainability: Notes for an Emerging Field of Civilizational Engagement

“Participatory Sustainability introduces the idea that sustainability cannot be achieved merely through top-down government policy or economic activity. Sustainability requires the participation of all people and all parts of society, working with each other and with nature. The book provides dozens of approaches for doing this, including guidance for generating collective wisdom, participatory leadership, inclusive participatory forms of power, and six expanded dimensions of intelligence we can use together to address the depth and complexity of the challenges we face. Recognition of the intrinsic participatory nature of both sustainability (co-creating a good life for our grandchildren) and non-sustainability (co-creating disaster) provides both motivation and direction for making a better world, starting immediately.”