Laughing Monkey: The Circada Platform at GitHub

CICADA: The Internet We Always Wanted

Breakthrough Decentalized Application and Distributed Direct Democracy Platform

Blockchain breakthrough, human unique identifier, info wallets, new proof of work, delivers a practical universal basic income, anonymous voting with end-to-end verifiability, gamifies voting, citizen proposal and filtration system, expert panels legislation, XML-based law, action tokens and currency, stops denial of service attacks dead, ends the crypto wars, ends censorship, suvivable mesh network fallback,

Executive Summary

White Paper with Graphics

Steemit Commentary on Cicada

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Apr 19

Worth a Look: PollMole – a Direct Democracy App

Categories: Civil Society,Ethics

The Next Generation in Interactivity, Connectivity, and Accuracy in Polling and Market Research Technology.

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I am extremely interested in this offering and planning to use it to test drive the below twelve elements of the Unity-Integrity Act (the Election Reform Act of 2017) when Cynthia McKinney and I form our team and begin raising funds for confronting every Member during the summer recess demanding that they sign the Unity-Integrity pledge and co-sponsor the Act as shown below (the below is a starting point for a national conversation, not a prescription). In the interim, there is a poll on vaccines that I hope everyone will consider.

Please consider downloading the app and giving me feedback on it.  Visit

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Apr 18

Robert Steele: Open Power Election Reform Act 3.4

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Below is the updated Election Reform Act 3.4, with links.  The short name is Unity-Integrity Act.

Earth Intelligence Network remains an educational non-profit seeking to mobilize public opinion toward more civic (non-violent) activism, and toward an understanding that no issue will be addressed properly until we restore integrity to our government.

On 1 May Cynthia McKinney and I will be announcing a new Political Action Committee (PAC) that will focus on supporting individual candidates who sign the Unity-Integrity Pledge and agree to co-sponsor the Unity-Integrity Act and never caucus with either of the two parties that now exclude the other six accredited parties and all Independents.

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Apr 17