Tom Atlee: The Fall and Rise of Truth, Trust, and Society’s Capacity for Wisdom

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics
Tom Atlee

The fall and rise of truth, trust and society’s capacity for wisdom

We are in a period that is sometimes called the “post-truth era”, with a disturbing subtext that it might also be post-trust. Where do we turn for people, information, institutions that we can fully trust, that are dependably truthful – especially for ALL of us diverse people who find ourselves sharing public spaces and challenges with others we don’t understand and may even detest or fear as driven by evil designs and deranged narratives?

Direct Republic: – Blockchain Congress

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Berto Jongman: Manufacturing Dissent, Digital Repression, Nonviolent Resistance….

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics
Berto Jongman

Manufacturing Dissent: Modernization and the Surge of Nonviolent Resistance

Phi Beta Iota: This is the opposite of how Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele use the term. In their use, “Manufacturing Dissent” is a direct reference to #RESIST: Summer of Violence and the extended program of false flag events, sedition, and violence being promoted by George Soros, Eric Schmidt and others in the ZioCon world who call for “blood in the streets” (Loretta Lynch) against our legitimately-elected President and without regard to the corruption of our Zionist-controlled Congress.

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