Stephen E. Arnold: Steve Ballmer Does Good — USAFacts

Stephen E. Arnold

USAFacts Centralizes Access to Data on Government Spending

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s recent project was inspired by his wife, Connie, who wished him to practice more philanthropy. Wouldn’t it help to know what our government is already doing  with its (our) money, he wondered? Out of this question has sprung USAFacts, a website that serves up “federal, state, and local data from over 70 government sources.” I appreciate the presentation, which ties data to four specific directives embedded in the Preamble to our Constitution. For example, the heading Establish Justice and Ensure Domestic Tranquility leads to stats on Crime and Disaster, Safeguarding Consumers and Employees, and Child Safety and Social Services. Tying such information to our founding document will prompt many to consider these data points in a more thoughtful way.

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Steve Bannon: My “To Do” List….

Tip of the Hat to Colleen Shalby of the Los Angeles Times for sharing a transcription of Steve Bannon’s white board goals — important goals but a tiny fraction of what Donald Trump actually promised to do on the campaign trail. See the color coded list at the end for all those promises — one third done, one third stalled, one third never happening.

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