Stephen E. Arnold: Is Social Media Bad for Mental Health?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Social Media and Young People — Mental Health Issues

Some of us elders have been saying it for years, but now research seems to confirm it—social media can be bad for mental health.  The Next Web reports, “Study: Snapchat and Instagram Are the Worst for Young People.” The study is from the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), and the “young people” sampled are 1,479 Brits aged 14-24. An explanatory three-minute video from the RSPH accompanies the article. Writer Rachel Kaser reports:  read full post.

Tom Brannon: Network Armies and More

Advanced Cyber/IO

Network Armies is a road map to the new direction in the rise of social networks. Enabled by technology and new social science models, Network Armies are made up of Americans who share common goals in privacy protection, politics, healthcare and other everyday concerns. Where large groups of Americans share a common goal, we find network activity occurring as if by itself – with astounding results. And as more Americans become frustrated by the control exerted by government and the marketplace, the network army becomes a vital force in change. This book reveals these armies, presents a look at their goals, shows who belongs to each army and how the network is causing change.

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Stephen E. Arnold: The Dark Web Notebook

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