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Owl: Pedophilia as “Privilege” and “Pure” — Single Source Page for Glimpse of Chasm Into Hell — Coast to Shining Satanic Coast – FBI Complicit? 1.5

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

A big problem in sharing even excellent, well-sourced information on the theme of pedophiles occupying the highest ranks of organizations, whether they be corporate, governmental or even religious, is not the sense of incredulity such information usually provokes in typically asleep middle-class readers who have lived relatively protected, cocooned existences oblivious to the innumerable black undersides of what some call reality.  That’s to be expected from those who live in middle-class cocoons.  The real difficulty is in examining and sharing information on practices that are unarguably loathsome, depraved, vile, degenerate and in essence evil, and done by people we look upon as our highest and most respectable leaders. It’s easy to accuse someone of evil, and it is insufficient by itself to do so. One has to provide evidence, and providing evidence entails describing something ineffably malign and almost unutterable in its horror – that’s hard to do, by comparison, because except for those with a strong appetite or attraction to very, very dark things, a minority, no one else, understandably, wants to look at such things. People flee from what repels them, and what is more repellent than pederasts, especially those who have great power and privilege?

This undoubtedly largely has to do with living in a dominantly secular age. The influence of those who don’t believe in a Divine Order or God is pervasive enough to compel the masses to assume the flip side: to take for granted there is no Devil, no source of deep, abiding non-human evil. Anything conveyed about people and their practices that smacks of a quality or degree of evil that puts the smug assumptions of modernity into doubt, that makes the Satanic much more plausible despite the stubborn persistence of modernity’s assumptions about good and evil, is an object of terror and revulsion to the degree that modernity’s values has descended into people’s hearts and minds.  Not that religious “authorities” can be counted on to protect innocent children. Note the Catholic Church’s endless calls to stop abortion, which victimizes innocent children, they say, which is all well and good, but its compulsive, monotonic repetition of this meme seems to be a sign of a compensatory spilling-out of a guilty conscience for having permitted and protected the many pederast priests in its midst. They seem to ignore the more concrete or real crime in exchange for protesting the more abstract one when it comes to their most repeated phrase: innocent children. This happens likely because the real crime is done by their very own, at the center of power and control in the Church, by priests and their bishops.

For these and other reasons, getting the message out about pedophiles who are very powerful is more challenging and daunting than getting out information on any other category of crimes performed by members of the Elite. Yet the task should be done, if only as a microscopic, belated effort to help get some chance of justice for the countless and truly innocent children victimized and even tortured and killed by pederasts, especially those in the highest places, plus to help prevent new such crimes by the high and mighty especially.

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DefDog: Senate Benghazi Report Slams State, White House & Pentagon But Still Covering Up…Seven Missing Charges Itemized by Phi Beta Iota

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CIA gets a free pass for dereliction on multiple fronts.  Noteworthy: Neither State nor Africa Command had any idea of the size and scope of the CIA arms smuggling operation based in Benghazi.  Also noteworthy that NSA has nothing at all on the attack in the days leading up to it or during the attack.  Deja bu.

REPORT:  Flashing Red-HSGAC Special Report-1

FOX: Senate committee report on Benghazi terrorist attack faults State Department

WSJ:  Senate Report Widens Fault for Benghazi Failures

Washington Post:  Sen. Joe Lieberman: Lack of security in Benghazi was ‘irresponsible’

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Event: 19-23 Mar Online Security Jam

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The Security Jam 2012 – an open call for fresh thinking

Op-Ed by Giles Merritt, Director, Security & Defence Agenda (SDA)

Nobody doubts the speed with which the security challenges faced by western governments are changing. Nor the changing nature of security. The need for fresh thinking both from the military and from the wide range of relevant civilian stakeholders is clear to all.

And that’s the purpose of the online Security Jam being organised by the Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) and its partners from March 19-23.

Online tools have a central role to play in the effort to address the policy needs of the EU and NATO. The Security Jam is a state-of-the-art collaborative platform that will focus the brain power of thousands of experts around the world on key security issues.

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