Berto Jongman: Gold Yuan & Post-Dollar World

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

Gold Yuan: Post-Dollar World Order Emerging in Eurasia

A ‘post-American’ and ‘post-dollar’ multipolar world is struggling to be born. In an interview with Sputnik geostrategic analyst Mathew Maavak and CNTV editor Tom McGregor shed light on current geopolitical trends and prospects of Eurasia’s integration process.

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Sep 17

Chuck Spinney: Uri Avnery on Civil War in Israel — And Why Shin Bet and Mossad Officers Support a Two-State Solution

Chuck Spinney

Chuck Spinney

The writer, Uri Avnery is in his early 90s; a former terrorist in the Irgun, a hero of the 1948 war, a former member of the Knesset, Avnery today is Israel’s leading peace advocate.  Avnery is arguably Israel’s most eloquent spokesman for a two state solution, with Israel living peacefully side by side with a Palestinian State.  Israel’s continual expansion of settlements and the appropriation of the water resources in the Occupied Territories is rapidly rendering the two-state solution an impossibility.   Herewith, Avnery explains how the two-state solution vs. perpetual war with Palestinians is also becoming a prescription for civil war within an Israel that is bifurcating into two mutually suspicious increasingly hostile camps.

Civil War

SOMETHING STRANGE happens to retired chiefs of the Israeli internal Security Service, Shin Bet. The service is by definition a central pillar of the Israeli occupation. It is admired by (Jewish) Israelis, feared by Palestinians, respected by security professionals everywhere. The occupation could not exist without it. And here is the paradox: once the chiefs of the service leave their jobs, they become spokesmen for peace. How come?

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Sep 9

Berto Jongman: Darren Tromblay on Hybrid Warfare

Berto Jongman

Berto Jongman

“Hybrid Warfare” at Home: Asymmetric Tactics Are Not Just Used in Ukraine, they Are Employed against the United States, and Have Been for Quite Some Time

The United States has long been a target of hybrid warfare by states seeking to disrupt or influence U.S. decision-making. Hostile activities can be categorized under four paradigms: nullification of political actors – creating discord within a constituency so that it cannot effectively unify around a policy, or undercutting the credibility of a prominent policymaker who champions unwanted outcomes; assistance to anti-government movements – identifying elements in society which are willing to attack (rather than participate in) the policymaking process with vitriol or violence; fomenting distrust of the U.S. policymaking process, in order to sap its legitimacy; and appearing to fill needs / wants that the U.S. government cannot and thereby supplanting the U.S. government in a specific area. (Of course the countries that have been most active in this area – Cuba and Venezuela – have been unable to sustain their own states.)

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Sep 2