Yoda: 21st Century Education — the Netflix Option….

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In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education

With 4.6 billion pieces of content produced daily, it might seem that our hunger for knowledge should be satisfied — but information production and distribution is not the same as consumption and it’s not as simple as just putting information out there.

The problem is that we are drowning in content — but are starving for knowledge and insights that can help us truly be more productive, collaborative and innovative. When we want to acquire useful knowledge, we have to search the web broadly, find experts by word-of-mouth and troll through various poorly designed internal document sharing systems.

Stephen E. Arnold: #GoogleGestapo Defines Censorship Terms

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google and Hate Speech: None of This I Know It When I See It

I read “YouTube Clarifies “Hate Speech” Definition and Which Videos Won’t Be Monetized.” I don’t know much about defining abstractions because I live in rural Kentucky. Our governor just recommended prayer patrols to curb violence in Louisville, home of the Derby and lots of murders on weekends.

Google has nailed down the abstraction “hate speech.” According to the write up, Google’s definition is:

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Yoda: Cannabis Lifestyle Rising – 16 Trends in 2016

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16 cannabis lifestyle trends that helped define 2016

You could call it the year of the cannabis consumer: retailers finally focus on UX, celebrities cater to enthusiasts, media outlets clamor for attention and a more refined world of edibles and concentrates has emerged


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