Phantom Phixer: Water War Crimes Web Site

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Canadian-based, a gifted lawyer and private investigator take on the Deep State with respect to water. 

Water War Crimes

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Berto Jongman: USA Water Crisis — 77M (One Third of Public) Exposed to Unsafe Water in 2015

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Berto Jongman

US faces ‘nationwide drinking water crisis,’ 77mn exposed to unsafe water in 2015 – study

Up to 77 million Americans were serviced in 2015 by unsafe drinking water systems, with 18 million people exposed to excessive levels of lead and copper, a new study found, adding that penalties for violations are “virtually nonexistent.”

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Ellen Brown: Earth Core Primary Water

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Ellen Brown

If the below site is correct, there is no lack of potable water on earth, we have completely missed the layer of primary water under the earth’s surface, containing more water  than we could ever desalinate from the sea.

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Yoda: Drinkable Seawater with Graphene Sieve

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Good — free energy better.

Graphene Sieve Makes Seawater Drinkable

Scientists have created a sieve capable of removing salt from seawater using the “wonder material” graphene.

Researchers at the University of Manchester developed a graphene membrane to desalinate water and make it drinkable, offering the promise of easy and accessible potable water for millions of people around the world.

A study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology describes how the filtration system works by precisely controling the membrane’s pore size to sieve common salts out of salty water.

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