Berto Jongman: Defense Science Board Report on Baby Steps Toward Resilient Military C4I Systems

Defense Science Board, IO Impotency
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Defense Science Board Task Force Report:

Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat


After conducting an 18-month study, this Task Force concluded that the cyber threat is serious and that the United States cannot be confident that our critical Information Technology (IT) systems will work under attack from a sophisticated and well-resourced opponent utilizing cyber capabilities in combination with all of their military and intelligence capabilities (a “full spectrum” adversary). While this is also true for others (e.g. Allies, rivals, and public/private networks), this Task Force strongly believes the DoD needs to take the lead and build an effective response to measurably increase confidence in the IT systems we depend on (public and at the same time decrease a would-be attacker’s confidence in the effectiveness of their capabilities to compromise DoD systems. This conclusion was developed upon several factors, including the success adversaries have had penetrating our networks; the relative ease that our Red Teams have in disrupting, or completely beating, our forces in exercises using exploits available on the Internet; and the weak cyber hygiene position of DoD networks and systems. The Task Force believes that the recommendations of this report create the basis for astrategy to address this broad and pervasive threat.

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Steven Aftergood: Open Source Intelligence Act III

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Steven Aftergood

Phi Beta Iota:  Act I was 1988-1993.  Act II was 1993-2011.  Act III began with the publication of NO MORE SECRETS with a Foreword by Senator Gary Hart (D-CO).

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Marcus Aurelius: Defense Downsizing, Retirement

Defense Science Board
Marcus Aurelius

Two core references for DoD going forward, both from the Defense Science Board (DSB).

Corporate Downsizing Applications for DoD

Military Retirement Final Presentation

Phi Beta Iota:  Defense can drop to $300 billion a year without any major issues.  All it takes is integrity across the board.  Military retirement–as with CIA and FBI and Secret Service retirement–is long over-due for severe change.  In the military only 4% of the force suffers 80% of the casualties, and that is the only part of the force that merits early retirement while also correcting the criminal neglect of ill and disabled veterans that continues today.  It merits observation that in the absence of a population strategy and policy, no retirement program can be said to have a strong foundation.