Doug Macgregor: Trump’s Mission – Build a New American Army

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Col Dr. Douglas Macgregor

Trump’s mission: Build a new American Army

In January 1943, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, together with their respective military advisers, met in Morocco at Casablanca to devise the strategy that would win World War II. To some, the Casablanca Conference may seem like ancient history, but the exchange between Gen. George Marshall, U.S. Army chief of staff, and Gen. Sir Alan Brooke, chief of Britain’s Imperial General Staff, has much to teach us.

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Author’s final draft below the fold, reprinted with permission.

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Robert Steele: Flynn Deserved to Be Fired, But Not for Talking to Russians UPDATE: Pedophilia Aspect

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

UPDATE: It is now known that the Vice President joined in the chorus to fire Mike Flynn after he learned that Flynn kept from the Vice President the fact that a list of high-level pedophiles in the USA, obtained from Amsterdam, included a close personal friend of the Vice President’s, and this was discussed with the Russians.

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It is my view that Mike Flynn deserved to be fired — he was simply not up to the job and anyone who shows up on day one with their son as their aide is so low-rent as to be laughable — but he was not fired by Trump and he was not fired for talking to the Russians.

Readers must remember that Henry Kissinger, whose Nobel Peace Prize set a new low in the history of that largely corrupt offering, sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks in order to win an election, killing another 20,000 US troops and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, only to settle for precisely the same terms four years later.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) holds the record for official treason, providing the air targets to the North Vietnamese via the Swiss Embassy, one day in advance, before the pilots even got their assignments, as a “humanitarian gesture.” John McCain’s being shot down is probably directly connected to this treason by LBJ, the same man who enabled and covered up the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK).

So let’s keep all this in perspective.

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Doug Macgregor: YouTube (2:00) Margin of Victory

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Doug Macgregor: Margin of Victory Presentation at Metropolitan Club, Washington DC 9 February 2017

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Col Dr. Douglas Macgregor

On the evening of 9 February 2017 Col Dr Doug Macgregor presented a new briefing to a packed house at the Metropolitan Club of Washington, DC. Summarizing his latest book, Margin of Victory, his extemporaneous commentary was riveting.

His two most important points: first, that Grand Strategy covers all elements of national policy, not only national security — commerce and diplomacy, agriculture and energy — ALL elements of national policy must be managed as a whole to achieve peace and prosperity; and second, that wars are won or lost based on the ten years of strategy, policy, and acquisition that precede them — he did not say this, but it was clear that the military we have today cannot win wars.

Thirteen Slides Below the Fold

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