Berto Jongman: Vatican Pedophilia – 547 Boys Abused at Catholic Boarding School

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Berto Jongman

547 boys were abused at Regensburg Catholic choir school

Weber pointed to a “culture of silence” and placed part of the blame for the situation on the school’s former choir master Georg Ratzinger, the elder brother of former pope Benedict.

As head of the choir from 1964 to 1994, Georg Ratzinger could be “blamed for looking the other way and failing to intervene”, said Weber.

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Ezili Danto: Weaponizing Cholora — Haiti & Organ Trafficking

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Ezili Danto

Haiti Cholera: A Biological Weapon For Organ Trafficking?

We have evidence and do know about cholera as a cover for organ trafficking. The body bags are used to transport the dead UN-cholera victims from Haiti to the US for the Universities, pharmaceutical companies and their UN/NGOs involved in the criminal trade. Some may not know where the organs are coming from, but they’d have to be brain dead not to know it’s a melanated organ.

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Betty Boop: Human Trafficker Admits to Killing Over 400 Children

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Human Trafficker Admits To Killing Over 400 Children In Video Confession

A ruthless Libyan human trafficker has admitted to trafficking over 2,000 desperate migrants into Europe, selling thousands of girls into child sex slavery, and killing somewhere between 400 and 500 kids he kidnapped but whose deals failed to materialize.

David Icke: Child Abuse & Pedophilia By the Elite

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Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota