Worth a Look: Empire, Racism, and Genocide – A History of U.S. Foreign Policy

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In its entire history, there has been very little time when the United States has been at peace. As it wages its many wars and ‘interventions’, the stated goal is always something few people could argue with: fostering democracy when a struggling people are resisting tyranny, removing threats to U.S. security, or punishing a cruel dictator for unspeakable misdeeds.

Yet on closer scrutiny, these reasons are seldom valid. They simply hide the true purposes of U.S. military involvement, which are power and wealth. Starting with the barbarous destruction of Native American culture in order to gain farmlands, right through to the Iraqi invasion for oil, money and power have always motivated U.S. foreign policy decisions. Dictators with appalling records of human rights violations are upheld by the U.S.  if they agree to whatever economic or strategic demands the U.S. makes. Conversely, democratically elected leaders are overthrown if they don’t.

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Owl: Zika Virus May be First GMO Disaster of Planetary Ecosytem

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Zika Virus May be First GMO Disaster of Planetary Ecosytem

Recent media reports of the explosive and alarming spread of the Zika virus appears to be due, according to this report, to the release of genetically modified mosquitos into the wild, which resulted from cross-breeding of the GM mosquito released with wild mosquitos, creating favorable conditions for the Zika virus to propagate itself. The area of Brazil where the GM mosquitos were released is the very same area where the “out of the blue” Zika outbreak emerged. In releasing the mosquitos in the wild, Maryland company, Intrexon, recently purchased by British company, Oxitec, failed to test what would happen from the unprecedented action of releasing Frankenstein mosquitos. No one anticipated the mosquitoes that were supposed to be infertile and die off are replicating and infecting humans with this horrific virus. We may be witnessing – and soon suffering over a massive area, or the entire planet – from the first large-scale GMO disaster of our ecosystem. Another article below states eugenics maven Bill Gates gave grant money to Oxitec, hence this may not be a “accident” if it results in population reduction.


Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

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Mongoose: Super-Gonorrhoea Untreatable?

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Governments have been criminally irresponsible.

Gonorrhoea may become untreatable in England, medical officer warns

LONDON, Dec. 27 (UPI) — England’s chief medical officer has warned that gonorrhoea may become untreatable due to a highly drug-resistant strain of the infection.

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Mongoose: Irresponsible Government = Infectious Diseases

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UK faces alarming rates of ‘Victorian’ diseases

London – It has been mistakenly assumed that ancient diseases are totally eradicated, especially in developed countries. The United Kingdom particularly is now facing a “Victorian” disease epidemic, as cases of tuberculosis, scurvy, cholera, whooping cough, and scarlet fever are rising alarmingly. Experts believe the main causes could be immigration, malnutrition, poverty and lack of access to health care.