The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World

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The Peace Dividend strategy is a direct attack on America’s systemic addiction to war by appealing to the self-interest of its citizens. The Peace Dividend concept literally INCENTIVIZES citizens to redirect their thinking and start WORKING FOR PEACE!

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The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings

Collective Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Worth A Look
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We stand at critical fork in the road, a turning point in our human history. We can carry on our current course and face disaster, or we can embrace a higher evolutionary path of transformation and sanity which is desperately and urgently calling us towards it. This book is dedicated to that emergency evolution and development.

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Stephen E. Arnold: New Book, Dark Web Notebook, For Official Use Only

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The book is $49 (gov/mil) and verified contractors (com, org). It can only be ordered via [email protected]. The book is, at this time, not available to anyone outside the LE, intel, and security community. I will verify each purchase because the book equips a smart 15 year old to set up a Dark Web business and possibly engage in unlawful activities with less than one hour’s work with a false identity and a means to purchase digital currency. Direct orders only. No Amazon because I cannot vet the purchasers. A person who works at Booz, Allen or similar company will have to pay $199. Work email required.

The Web info page is at

Worth a Look: Three Scientists and Their Gods (The Digital Universe)

Worth A Look
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Wright focuses on the theories of digital physicist Edward Fredkin (the universe is a computer), sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson (the universe is united by genes and culture), and Kenneth Boulding (the universe is united through communication as a natural process of evolution). Each man has *faith* in his hypothesis without following it up with rigorous experiments. Therefore, this book reads as one man’s evaluation of other men’s ego trips. I give it four stars, tho, because it is an excellent review and synthesis of these theories, including their origins. The book touches upon the “coincidence” that each theory maps into the basic tenets of the world’s religions.

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