Crypto: The Dawn Of The Single Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of Mankind…?

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Ty Simpson

Crypto: The Dawn Of The Single Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of Mankind…?

Money is not “Money.” It’s a technology, or a technique if you will, for accounting. And the CURRENT Monetary Technologies are being replaced…WITHOUT Permission.

Robert Steele with Sarah Westall: YouTube (40:44) #UNRIG Open Source Everything Engineering, Trump

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Other Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert David Steele

Caitlin Johnstone: End the Deep State with Unity for Integrity

Caitlin Johnstone

By Going After Assange, Trump Will Alienate The Alt-Right Forever

I may cringe at Steele’s language sometimes and he and I may never agree about Bernie Sanders being a sheepdog who sold out for a beach house, but I will proudly set aside our differences and fight the manipulations of the deep state by his side, because until the unelected power establishment is overthrown, our ideological differences are functionally irrelevant. Until election integrity is restored and the American people have a voice in what happens to their country that isn’t nullified and neutered by unelected oligarchs, the only fight that makes any sense is against those oligarchs, and if all anti-establishment factions come together and put everything they’ve got into that fight, we can win.

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Left Vs. Right Is A Nonsensical Debate As Long As There’s A Deep State In America

So while trying to promote “unity”, the official leader of the Democratic party and the unofficial leader of the Democratic party together illustrated perfectly the only real political division existing in rank-and-file America today: those who pretend that America is a democracy wherein people get to use their votes to determine the direction in which their nation will move, and those who recognize that the most powerful nation in the world is in fact controlled by a few ruling elites who are not answerable to elected officials in any meaningful way.

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Steven Aftergood: US Army Deeply Vulnerable to Armed UAVs Comment by Robert Steele

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Steven Aftergood


Having developed and utilized unmanned aerial systems (UAS, or drones) for surveillance, targeting and attack, the US military now finds itself in the position of having to defend against the same technology.

The US Army last week issued a new manual on Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Techniques (ATP 3-01.81, April 13, 2017).

“UASs have advanced technologically and proliferated exponentially over the past decade,” the manual notes. “As technology has progressed, both reconnaissance and attack capabilities have matured to the point where UASs represent a significant threat to Army, joint, and multinational partner operations from both state and non-state actors.”

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