Review: Orlando False Flag – The Clash of Histories

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Amazon Page

Kevin Barrett (editor)

5 Star Blows Apart the False Government Narrative on a False Flag Event Intended to Advance Gun Control & Keep the Fear Going…

The Table of Contents is at the end of this review to help Amazon readers make their decision about buying or not buying. Many of the integrated pieces can be found free online but I believe that the value added by the editor in organizing this information is huge and worthy of your support.

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Aug 4

Worth a Look: Handbook of European Intelligence Cultures

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Amazon Page


National intelligence cultures are shaped by their country’s history and environment. Featuring 32 countries (such as Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Latvia, Montenegro), the work provides insight into a number of rarely discussed national intelligence agencies to allow for comparative study, offering hard to find information into one volume. In their chapters, the contributors, who are all experts from the countries discussed, address the intelligence community rather than focus on a single agency. They examine the environment in which an organization operates, its actors, and cultural and ideological climate, to cover both the external and internal factors that influence a nation’s intelligence community. The result is an exhaustive, unique survey of European intelligence communities rarely discussed.

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Aug 3

Worth a Look: Fixing the EU Intel Crisis

Publisher Book Page

Publisher Book Page

The epidemic of wars and military clashes from Syria to Yemen, the rising powers of China and Russia, and the turbulence in Pakistan, Central Asia and North Africa all underscore the urgent need for a highly professional intelligence agency within the European Union and between the EU and the UK in particular.

However, the author shows that although the European Union introduced its common security policy more than two decades ago, EU member states have failed to develop and fully integrate professional measures for intelligence-sharing to reduce security risks and the challenges of domestic radicalization and extremism.

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Jul 14