#UNRIG LOG (10 AUG 2017)


Driving all day — so much from the west end of Tennessee that I have stopped after six hours.  A shout out to Two Rivers Landing RV Resort, for $56 ($10 more than the norm) I am gratefully watching the river flow by as I type. Sevierville, TN turns out to be loaded with stuff to do from nature to shows.

Trying to breathe as I pound across the country. Here is today’s meal — Arby’s is doing well by me — and a deserted stream by a rest stop that caught my eye.

Tomorrow we start the #UNRIG barrage of press releases, radio shows, media call-ins, and more. We may not get every Member, but by the time Cynthia and I do our National Press Club appearance in early September, I absolutely guarantee every single Member of Congress is going to understand that #UNRIG is on the table and their constituents know about it.

#UNRIG LOG (9 AUG 2017)


Have driven over 3,000 miles since 27 July.

Individuals are starting to have success — hats off to GA-03 staff that spent two hours with constituent and is now considering upside of their Member taking the lead in drafting legislation.


Particularly useful have been meetings with three high-dollar donors and two world-class Internet and information technology seers over creation of our alternative Internet that by-passes existing infrastructure that is too easily taken down.

Headed now to North Carolina for a meeting on our media strategy in preparation for Cynthia McKinney’s returning from Bangladesh and joining our civics education campaign full-time.

This would all be easier if President Donald “the system is rigged” Trump would take on the burden of leading #UNRIG for the benefit of all voters.

#UNRIG LOG (7 AUG 2017) – Salute to Adnormous of Marietta, GA


We cannot say enough good things about Adnormous team in Marietta, GA, which by the way is employing both people of color and Latinos in significant numbers. Here is a photo of the team that did minor repairs to the wrap and also modified our key words to Authentic, Inclusive, Truthful.

#UNRIG LOG (Projected Schedule)

#Events, #UNRIG

In Atlanta to get wrap updated and support visit of  constituents to office of Drew Ferguson IV (R-GA-03).

Below is the tentative schedule, send additional scheduling requests to [email protected]

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