Cynthia McKinney: From Libya with Love and Dismay

Cynthia McKinney

Phi Beta Iota: Cynthia McKinney has integrity, and is committed to transparency and truth.  Most of what the public is viewing and reading about Libya is a manufactured lie.  What NATO is doing in attacking Tripoli is illegal, immoral, and a war crime by any standard.  As we have previously shown, this is about oil, water, and gold (the paper gold market is about to crash, Libya has a great deal of real gold that has not been tainted with titanium by the New York banks).

Below the line is a lengthy post from Cynthia McKinney in Tripoli, with many links and some photographs.

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IMF: Cyber-Militia Flexing Its Muscles?

IMF attack goal said to be network ‘insider presence’

‘It was a targeted attack,’ says expert who once worked for organization

Reuters, 11  June 2011

Phi Beta Iota: This is interesting on two levels.  First, all instruments of Empire can expect to be attacked; without any central impetus, we anticipate a global cyber-intelligence and penetration network to develop, similar to what has matured for Free/Open Source Software, but with penetration, understanding, and neutralization of as the objective.  A Cyber-Militia, if you will.  Second, no government, no corporation, no international organization, can muster the global intelligence capability needed to be effective in today’s reality–the US Government least of all.  An opportunity is emerging for a multinational decision-support centre and network co-sponsored by a mix of stakeholders who are willing to commit to absolute integrity.  That is all it takes: integrity and a commitment to “The Virgin Truth.”

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