Graphic: 1989 USMC JNIDS VI Workup

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PDF USMC Winning Submission to JNIDS*

*3 years after the fact, too late to fix, USMC was told that it had won, but the Admiral in charge of JNIDS said “We are a Navy shop, we will do a Navy problem.” This is emblematic of the pervasive corruption across DoD at every level across every mission area.

Reference: 1989 USMC Work-Up for JNIDS VI All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation


Reference 1989 Analyst 2000

Director of National Intelligence et al (IC)

Analyst 2000 was a special working group that included Dr. Mike Leavitt and Andy Shepard, who wrote 1992 Shepard (US) Intelligence Analysis in the Year 2002 and is today (2010 ADDNI/[    ].  We don’t have this today because from the White House to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) to today’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) there has been zero strategic r5equirements manager or budget management.