Search: The Future of OSINT [is M4IS2-Multinational]

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The future of OSINT is M4IS2.

The future of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is Multinational, Multifunctional, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making (M4IS2).

The following, subject to the approval of Executive and Congressional leadership, are suggested hueristics (rules of thumb):

Rule 1: All Open Source Information (OSIF) goes directly to the high side (multinational top secret) the instant it is received at any level by any civilian or military element responsive to global OSINT grid.  This includes all of the contextual agency and mission specific information from the civilian elements previously stove-piped or disgarded, not only within the US, but ultimately within all 90+ participating nations.

Rule 2: In return for Rule 1, the US IC agrees that the Department of State (and within DoD, Civil Affairs) is the proponent outside the wire, and the sharing of all OSIF originating outside the US IC is at the discretion of State/Civil Affairs without secret world caveat or constraint.  OSIF collected by US IC elements is NOT included in this warrant.

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Who’s Who in Earth Intelligence: Arnie Donahue

Arnie Donahue
Arnie Donahue

Arnie Donahue was until the mid-1990’s the ONLY Federal Government employee to hold ALL of the top Codeword accesses for the simple reason that he was in charge of the C4I Branch in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and “no lookee no payee.”  An honest citizen, he has since 1992 been one of the foremost champions for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and the budget director for the Earth Intelligence Network (EIN) endeavor to create a free World Brain and EarthGame.  Click above to read his 1992 presentation to the first International Conference on Naitonal Security and National Competitiveness: Open Source Solutions.  Click below to see all references to this pioneer.

Arnie Donahue's Contributions
Arnie Donahue's Contributions