Review: The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook–Guide for the Serious Searcher

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Ran Hock

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March 13, 2011

I’ve known Ran Hock for close to twenty years, and now that Mary Ellen Bates (MEB) and Reva Basch are retired (see their last books below), Ran is more or less the last man standing in the independent information brokerage domain, at least that I know. Arno Reuser, the genius librarian and top Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) pioneer in Europe still tells me that just listening to Ran Hock once a year (he was always the pre-conference to my conference) made him appear to be the most intellegent searcher in his organization for another year…Arno was being modest, he is his own pioneer, but the point is important. Ran Hock remains the one person I would consider essential for training a cadre to make proper use of the Internet.

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2014 Handbook Online for Internet Tools and Resources for Creating Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) by Dr. Ran Hock, Chief Training Officer, Online Strategies, Inc.

Ran Hock
Ran Hock


Dr. Ran Hock has done more than any single individual to educate both government and private sector parties with respect to the value of the deep web.  He has single-handedly trained hundreds of individuals in the nuances of this major new intelligence resource base.  Emphasizing individual analytic skills and common sense rather than arcane expensive and generally unproductive technologies, he represents the intersection of integrity, intelligence, and intuition in the service of all legitimate governments and organizations.

OSINT Online Training Handbook
OSINT Online Training Handbook Updated

The blurb from Arno Reuser, founder and chief of the Dutch military open source intelligence division, says essentially that attending Ran Hock’s course once a year made him look smart for the entire year.  Arno is a master librarian and a giant in the field, he is being modest, but this is the kind of praise that Ran Hock’s earns from the “best of the best.”

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