Bojan Radej: God Loves the 1% – They Tell Us So

Corruption, Cultural Intelligence

For God So Loved the 1 Percent…


New York Times, 17 January 2012


Realizing that they needed to rely on others, these businessmen took a new tack: using generous financing to enlist sympathetic clergymen as their champions. After all, according to one tycoon, polls showed that, “of all the groups in America, ministers had more to do with molding public opinion” than any other.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The 1% actually believe in “survival of the fittest” and earnestly consider most humans to be less than human, mere animals to be exploited as is their God-given right.  Religions that regard others as heathen–this includes the Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, and Mormon religions–that “do not count,” are as corrupt as the governments they join in serving the 1%.  Sluts lack integrity.  It’s time we stop following sluts, be they securlar or sanctimonious.

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