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DOHATop Secret 2013 03 12 based on OPM SBPR 2012 03 15

Thank you, DOHA — and particularly the DoD Office of the General Counsel of which DOHA is a subordinate element.

I am immediately available for reinstatement as a GM/GS-14 (SF-50 below), and have been found eligible and referred for 0343/0132 GM/GS-15, and SES/SIS.  I can be directly appointed (SF-50 below) and will commit to two years at 14, three years at 15, and four at DISL/SES — I am not a job-hopper and plan to work at least 12 more years (making my 30 inside the wire).

I have reported to the DNI my availability for any directed assignment including hazardous PCS and constant travel.  I left service on 1 April 1993, resigning effective on a Friday instead of the Monday to make the date memorable.  If I were  to to return to service by Monday 1 April 2013, that would make my non-official OSE / M4IS2 “walk-about” precisely 20 years.  I am in Oakton VA and immediately available, globally mobile.

Prior service 1976-2006 TS Full Scope (2).  If you might be interested in my rather unique diversity of skills and knowledge, please email me at robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.  I expect to be on duty by the end of April at the latest.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

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Personal Statement

What I have learned in 20 years of non-official activity has been documented in my books, articles, chapters, briefings, book reviews, and various web sites. I have been found qualified for multiple SES/SIS positions including Assistant Inspector General for DoD, Director of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies,, and DISL HUMINT at DIA, but I have absolutely no problem returning to government at a GS-14 or a GS. On balance — unless invited to deal with strategic futures issues at the national level — I would enjoy work for an element of the US Government that does not get full spectrum classified intelligence support to strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations, and would like to create its own new capabilities that are substantially more responsive and less expensive than what it gets from the IC, while also assuring full spectrum decision-support to all strategic, policy, acquisition, and operations stakeholders in that under-served domain. I will gladly consider a corporate position on overhead for a long-term build but I am not at all interested in any contractor “butts in seats” options except hazardous overseas duty at premium pay.  I plan to work for at least 12 more years to make my 30 in government service.

I am now available and eager to speak to conferences and working groups where my newly reinstated Top Secret is helpful to audience comfort in asking tough questions that reveal our continuing gaps in understanding and capability that I know how to address.  I continue to believe that Whole of Government and Smart Nation decision-support is the center of gravity for getting through the next decade; and that public intelligence is the only form of intelligence that can BOTH not be ignored by political figures who find inconvenient secret intelligence all too easy to dismiss AND serve as a foundation for hybrid public governance with multi-all stakeholders (M4IS2).  Of course we need secret intelligence — and utterly ruthless counterintelligence that plays no favorites, an area I would like to help develop long into the future  —  today there is no penalty paid for clear and present treason by the enemies among us.

Having said all that, for me, right now, any job, anywhere, where my specific combination of capabilities can make a contribution.  Email me at robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.

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