Winslow Wheeler: DoD’s Own F-35 Test Report Contains Useful Truths

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Winslow Wheeler

When DOD's Director of Operational Test and Evaluation released its annual report to Congress on the performance of US weapons in operational (battlefield) testing, an object of some attention was the section on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  The report itself (at made difficult and cryptic reading, and the news reporting covered whatever highlights harried journalists could readily use in short articles.  Little of it probed, in technical terms or otherwise, the meaning and implications.

Lee Gaillard has been writing about aviation, weapons and national security for decades and took it upon himself to analize the F-35 using the DOT&E report as the starting point.  His analysis makes important and informative reading for anyone wishing to have more than a superficial understanding of the F-35 and its problems–rooted deeply in the DNA of the aircraft's insanely complex design and its disengenuous (bait and switch) acquisition plan.

This highly informative essay-length analysis is available at Counterpunch at  and below.

Phi Beta Iota:  Reference article was flagged earlier by Chuck Spinny — this post is primarily to honor the informed and patriotic comments of Winslow Wheeler, one of a tiny handful of completely honest individuals in the defense analysis arena.  Any sane, ethical Administration would consider the J-35 to be treason and every person associated with the persistence of this criminally insane and insanely criminal program to be eligible for immediate retirement with at least one reduction in grade or rank, and a loss of clearances as well.  Stupidity and corruption are not — at this time — grounds for losing your clearances.  They should be.

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