Sterling Seagrave: OSINT & Truth Network (Bottom Up) versus Fascist Coven Network (Top Down) — Adds Nordic & BENELUX, Switzerland Evaluations

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Sterling Seagrave
Sterling Seagrave

Responding to 2013 Robert Steele Answers on OSINT to PhD Student in Denmark

You refer several times to what you call “unethical private sector parties whose only focus is on money in, not intelligence out.” This is what corrupted Truman's initiative. Covens like this go way back in history, but in the US more recently it coalesced around the group that set up the Fed, expanded to include globetrotters like Wild Bill Donovan and the Dulles Brothers. They, in turn, brought in collusion with Meyer Lansky, a merger of Mafia with highest level Masons, and a very powerful group of attorneys (Paul Helliwell, etc), financiers (Averell Harriman, etc), who were vigorously engaged in financing the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, the Fascists, Imperialists, and eventually Neo-Cons.  While financing these groups to put power into dictatorship-of-the-State (everyone else being disposable serfs), they profited from moving heroin and other drugs, and siphoned off all the gold they could to personal offshore caches. In effect, this created a covert government-within-a-government, enabled them to take over mass media, and to use pharmaceuticals to stupefy the general public.  The formal government of the US is now 90% corrupted into what's been called “a parliament of whores”. Huge sums provided to “rescue” Greece, etc., vanish. The coven has brought together as many fascist foreign governments as possible, so in effect it is attempting to set up its “invisible government” as the new global government. In doing so it has subverted the UN, and virtually all global organizations such as the FAO.  This is why OSINT is having such a difficult time, reversing the poisonous current.  The last thing the coven wants is an honest, moral, and open source of truthful information for the public.

How many and which fascist governments?

There are so many fundamentally fascist governments in power now, it's hard to chose. At the top I would include the US, Israel, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Georgia, Colombia, and of course North Korea. England is going that way, as are several former Soviet satellites.  In making any such list, we always must bear in mind the significant difference between “fascist” and Nazi or Stalinist.  China and Russia are liberalizing, while their rivals are getting nasty.  Most African countries are in the fascist camp, while South American countries are liberalizing. Central America has no choice but to pay homage to Washington.  Hence, the “center of gravity” for a more humanist future is — counter-intuitively to most — China, Russia, and South America less Chile.

Regarding the Nordics and BENELUX:

The Nordics have not gone fascist (yet) but Norway can afford to go any way it wants. Sweden is still in a struggle (following recent assassinations of prominent liberals) outcome unclear. Finland is in excellent shape, and shows great promise for the future by its skill at innovation. Benelux makes its fortune by playing all games at once, which naturally draws investors of all types. Netherlands is very rich, and skilled, and its royals play host to the leaders of the shadow government. But the real rulers are the superrich druids who have their independent bolt-holes in the upper Rhone Valley, secured against nuclear, chemical, biological, behind massive bank-vault-style doors, with stocks of the finest everything.  Only Sweden can compete with Switzerland in preparing for a global catastrophe by preparing vast underground caches.

Phi Beta Iota:  We never anticipated that OSINT would become “root” for humanity, and perhaps it is not.   To be or not to be — to live to the truth or live to lies — this appears to be the question of our times.

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