Berto Jongman: Who Murdered Michael Hastings? Why? How?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

None of this can be validated.

Email Sent by Michael Hastings Hours Before His Death Mentions ‘Big Story’ and a Need to ‘Go Off the Radar’ (The Blaze)

Is Journalist Michael Hastings a Victim of Obama’s Assassination Policy? (InfoWars)

Michael Hastings researching Jill Kelley case before death (LA Times)

Michael Hastings, the FBI, and WikiLeaks: Death of Journalist Sparks Conspiracy Theories (New York Magazine)

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Photos and video from the aftermath show extreme wreckage, and as of yesterday, the coroner had not officially identified the body because it was too badly burned.

But an automotive writer also fed the doubters:

I’m here to state that I’ve seen dozens of cars hit walls and stuff at high speeds and the number of them that I have observed to eject their powertrains and immediately catch massive fire is, um, ah, zero. Modern cars are very good at not catching fire in accidents. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is an evolutionary design from a company known for sweating the safety details over and above the Euro NCAP requirements, should be leading the pack in the not-catching-on-fire category. Nor is the C-Class known for sudden veering out of control into trees and whatnot.

Questions surround death of journalist Michael Hastings (World Socialist Web Site)

Top US Journalist Attempting To Reach Israeli Consulate Assassinated (Sorhca Faal)

Phi Beta Iota:  Single car accidents with no skid marks are suspect and the thrust of the earlier report by Gordon Duff.  The computer chip would allow for controlling the car’s speed and forcing it to run a red light.  We are quite certain no one is going to do forensics on the car’s computer or attempt to explain how a simple collision fried the car as seen in this photo.  We are equally certain LAPD has absolutely no interest in running down any of the cars close enough to the death vehicle to determine their possible role in making the crash happen.  We do not rush to assume a government agency did this — Hillary Clinton among others has the capability to take out an annoying journalist on the verge of making Benghazi return with a vengeance.  Our bottom line: this was murder.

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