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This is an emerging possibility.  Below is the original but newly revised link on the Open Source Agency.  Central to the revision is the growing understanding within NATO, SOCOM, and AFRICOM that “traditional” C2 (proprietary) and “traditional” intelligence (secret) are Dead on Arrival (DOA).  The new meme within official circles is Alternative C2 and Alternative ISR.  Both are open.  At least one OSD principal is starting to wrap their mind around this, and NDU may be the surprise catalyst for change.

2013 Open Source Agency: Executive Access Point 2.0

Here is the memorandum version of the new beginning of the above link, suitable for staffing:

DOC (6 Pages):  2013 Open Source Agency 2.0

Here is the memorandum prepared for circulation within NATO, and published by NATO Watch:

PDF (2 Pages):  NATO WATCH Challenges and Solutions 4.0

The memorandum was based on the below post at Phi Beta Iota, which was in turn a copy of the post by Robert Steele within the NATO ACT Innovation Hub (by invitation).

2013 Robert Steele Reflections on NATO 4.0 — Key Challenges AND Solutions 1.2

Finally, here is the NATO collection at Phi Beta Iota:

NATO OSINT to OSE/M4IS2 Round-Up 2.0

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