Robert Steele: Autonomous Internet Road Map

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

In the aftermath of my two earlier posts, Robert Steele: Reflections on the Next Data Revolution and 2014 Robert Steele: Appraisal of Analytic Foundations – Email Provided, Feedback Solicited – UPDATED — and my UN Background Paper, Beyond Data Monitoring – Achieving the Sustainability Development Goals Through Intelligence (Decision-Support) Integrating Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, and Open Source Everything, I have been delighted to find that conversations creating choices are advancing on multiple fronts, and there is a convergence occurring that may crest in Brazil in July 2015 at their Free Software event.

Here I want to do just two things: point to an emergent initiative that impresses me, based on Germany, Shark (Shared Knowledge), a P2P alternative Internet that is fully distributed on user devices with no cloud and and mediating services — precisely what the powers that own the Internet now do not want — and revisit my 2012 Autonomous Internet Road Map resident at the P2P Foundation.

Now is the time for those who wish to assure the coincidence of human freedom and the integrity of the Internet, to come together. The below work is open and easily improved upon at the P2P Foundation.

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