Bill Gertz: CIA’s Massive Counterintelligence Failure (Unprofessional for Decades)

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Bill Gertz
Bill Gertz

CIA fooled in massive counterintelligence failure, former officer writes

Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon

The CIA was fooled by scores of double agents pretending to be working for the agency but secretly loyal to communist spy agencies during the Cold War and beyond, according to a former CIA analyst, operations officer, and historian. The large-scale deception included nearly 100 fake CIA recruits in East Germany, Cuba, as well as the Soviet Union (and later Russia) who supplied false intelligence that was passed on to senior U.S. policymakers for decades.

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Phi Beta Iota: CIA has been a massive failure in relation to the intentions of President Harry Truman — an abject failure in relation to providing decision-support (intelligence). It has been a counterintelligence failure and it has been a covert operations failure — all the covert operations that were short term successes (e.g. regime change in the 1950's) have been very costly crimes against humanity in the long term. Nature bats last. Secrecy — and the money that secrecy attracts and controls and makes possible — have allowed CIA and other elements of the US secret intelligence community to do very great damage to US national interests understood in terms of the public interest.

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