Event: 26 April 1300-1800 The Hidden Persuaders – Corrupt Influencers on 2016 Presidential Politics

Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

The Hidden Persuaders: Corrupt Influencers on 2016 Presidential Politics

WMR-EIR-McClendon Group Conference

April 26, 2016, National Press Club, Games Room

FINAL Schedule Below the Fold

1:15 p.m.             Welcome: McClendon Group President John Edward Hurley

                                Buffet Lunch

1:45 p.m.             Covert Intelligence Infiltration of Thought-Leadership (15 minutes apiece)

Religion: Wayne Madsen, WMR editor and author of The Christian Mafia and co-author of new book Unmasking ISIS: The Shocking Truth

Business: Michele Steinberg, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) editor and co-author of Dope, Inc.

Government: Michael Springmann, attorney, former Foreign Service Officer, and author of Visas for Al Qaeda

Human Rights, Civil Society Non-Government Organizations (NGOs): Jeff Steinberg, EIR review editor and co-author of Dope, Inc.

Media: Andrew Kreig, JIP editor, attorney, and Presidential Puppetry author 

3:00 p.m.             Break (Optional author book-signings for any bringing books for sale)

3:15 p.m.             Hidden Forces Affecting 2016 Presidential Elections (15 minutes)

Candidate Intelligence Affiliations: Wayne Madsen, former Navy intelligence officer and author of The Manufacturing of a President and multiple exposes on 2016 candidates describes breakthrough scoops on Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

Scandals: Montgomery Blair Sibley, former attorney for the late “DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey and author of Why Just Her. He describes his effort before the U.S. Supreme Court to release a client name relevant to the presidential election from a 2007 court gag order.

9/11 and 28 Pages: EIR Editors Michele and Jeff Steinberg give inside story on congressional action, this month’s CBS “60 Minutes” report, and global reaction

4:30 p.m.             How Two-Party Tyranny and Faux Intelligence Enable Deep State Rule: Robert David Steele, CEO, Earth Intelligence Network, author of Open Power: Electoral Reform Act of 2015, Marine Corps veteran, and former CIA clandestine services officer

4:45 p.m.             Close: Wayne Madsen and John Edward Hurley

5:15 p.m.             Optional Dinner In McClendon Room