Ray McGovern: Clinton Lied to Congress — Is Indictment Certain?

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Ray McGovern
Ray McGovern

A Need to Clear Up Clinton Questions

As the Democrats glumly line up for Hillary Clinton’s belated coronation, the risk remains of potential criminal charges over her Libyan testimony or her careless emails, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern describes.

From what is already known about the activities of the U.S. “mission” and “annex” in Benghazi and the role played by the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens there, it seems quite likely that Clinton perjured herself in answering No. And I believe this will become quite clear, if the FBI is allowed to pursue an unfettered investigation – and even clearer if the National Security Agency shares the take from its dragnet surveillance.

Phi Beta Iota: An NSA whistleblower is called for — someone who will release what is known, coincident with the Secret Service release of the complete list of Clinton’s personal overnight guests while she was co-president in the White House, displacing Al Gore and treating everyone else like peasants.

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