Andrew Kreig: Obama Meets Saudi #2 — Pressure Grows to Evaluate Degree to Which Saudis Have Bought Syrian Intervention from a Corrupt US Government

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Andrew Kreig
Andrew Kreig

President Obama met with Saudi No. 2 leader, a war hawk, amid growing U.S. suspicions the kingdom funded ISIS, jihad, 9-11 terror and pushes U.S. into more war with Syria. Do administration and Congress kow-tow as too captured to report facts to public?

In DC, Saudis Deploy PR, Pressure To Defend Disputed Policies

Today’s column reports on this Saudi visit as the second segment of our ongoing coverage of fallout from 9/11, the ongoing wars in Syria and Yemen, and the June 12 massacre in an Orlando nightclub by an accused Islamist radical, Omar Mateen, a security guard for a major U.S. contractor, G4S.

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Phi Beta Iota: A great deal is unraveling. Behind the scenes Wall Street and the City of London, the Vatican, the Zionists, and the Neoconservatives/Neofascists in the USA are all doing what they can to further reduce the power of the USA, to Balkanize both Europe and the Middle East, and to continue the Global War on Terror that produces profit for the few at the expense of the many. On a positive note, despite US secret misbehavior associated with 9/11, the Gold Collateral Accounts are nearly a new settlement — who wins the US election might be a decisive factor in stabilizing the world and achieving Truth & Reconciliation across many boundaries.

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