Del Spurlock: Many Trayvon’s More? Deja Vu from 2013…

Cultural Intelligence
Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.
Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.

Many Trayvon’s More?

Civics is study of how we govern ourselves. Can we agree that we govern ourselves through our Constitution, our laws, customs, popular culture, and habits, and how all of these things interact to create our way of life? Let’s call the analysis of that interaction connecting the dots. You were left with several dots to connect on preparation for discussing the killing of Trayvon. Have you thought about Mr. Looby’s idea of America and had an opportunity to view the “Story of Citizens United” and the “Truthout” article on “Stand your Ground” laws? Can you connect the dots to picture the American people, as opposed to the combined interests and power of major corporations, in control of our Country? Can you connect the dots to fit within the frame of governance cast by the Preamble to our Constitution?

Young Black Americans, especially, must not assign themselves to pessimism. They, among all young Americans must learn to connect the dots. Mr. Younge’s article on Mr. Obama’s response to surveillance of Americans tells the truth about Mr. Obama’s allegiances to the American Corporate Empire.

That allegiance makes him unwilling to look openly at the shame of our “drug wars,” to attack the immorality of our prison system, or to focus on the unconscionable un-employment of black youth. Some black leaders of American pop-culture think that being there is enough.

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