Robert Steele: The Cyber Brief (Mike Hayden & Michael Morell) Is Full of Crap — Fake News — Traitors Spinning Lies — While Barack Obama Blows Smoke on “Flying Blind”

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Robert David Steele

One of my contributing editors keeps sending me bits from The Cipher Brief — I have tended to ignore them, but the recent two pieces, one by Mike Hayden and the other by Michael Morell, are such utter crap that I feel compelled to address them. I cannot say this any more clearly. Mike Hayden is a traitor who approved warrantless wiretapping at NSA and rendition and torture at CIA. He is also the D/CIA who allowed the complete destruction of the OSINT discipline as pioneered by General Peter Schoomaker at SOCOM. Michael Morell is simply a shill — he may not realize he is lying, in which case this simply displays his lack of intelligence and integrity.  From where I sit, the secret world is worthless in large part because the good people trapped in this bad system are overseen by politically-appointed pimps who could care less about producing decision-support in the public interest. Following the two links below I offer a very concise commentary on the secret world (dysfunctional waste of no value to the President, the Cabinet, or Congress) and my own Philosophy of Intelligence. The reader can decide between the two.

The President-elect’s Dismissal of CIA’s Election Findings Is Not Acceptable

Fmr. CIA Acting Dir. Michael Morell: “This Is the Political Equivalent of 9/11”

COMMENT ON THE IC: Start with the fact that NSA does not process more than 1% of what it collects and has never prevented a terrorist attack including 9/11. Add to that the fact that CIA has no bench and relies on foreign liaison hand-outs and domestic debriefing of legal travelers for 90% of its so-called clandestine intelligence. Throw in NGAs not having updated combat charts (missing ten years worth of cultural features built or destroyed) and the NROs inability to support fast-moving military operational needs for target intelligence. Note the complete irrelevant of the DNI, who lacks real authority and substitutes paperwork. Hark to General Tony Zinni, USMC, then managing two wars and twelve joint task forces, saying he got, 4% “at best” of what he needed from secret sources and methods. Add to that the 25 years of critical commentary in my eight books and many articles, capped by Mike Flynn’s Fixing Intelligence, an incisive commentary that ultimately led to his being fired — he was and is — as I have been and remain — a threat to this dysfunctional, wasteful, largely worthless archipelago of secret spending programs that do not produce intelligence (decision-support).

Reflections: Philosophy of Intelligence

Robert Steele’s Lifetime of Testimony & Publications on Intelligence Reform

COMMENT ON BARACK OBAMA: He is blowing smoke when he says Trump is “flying blind” without the President’s Daily Brief, which is absolute sharply limited crap — the IC does not do holistic analytics, true cost economics, or melded strategic, policy, operational, and acquisition intelligence. They just juggle small bits of classified information and try to pretend they are relevant. If their stuff were not so classified the rest of us would be laughing them into oblivion much as we scorned the last national military strategy that was nothing more than dishonest platitudes. Counterintelligence is what we need more of right now — George Bush took all the briefings and let Dick Cheney get away with 935 lies that led us to war on Iraq — Barack Obama took all the briefings and let Hillary Clinton and John Kerry sell out to Saudi Arabia and Russia and France and many others. I cannot say this more clearly: secret intelligence as organized today is worthless. The CIA is supporting an active coup against the flawed by legitimate election of Donald Trump.

Intelligence for the President–and Everyone Else

On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes

The National Military Strategy: Dishonest Platitudes


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