Mongoose: Robert Mueller — The Neo-Con Who Covered Up for Dick Cheney on 9/11 Now Assigned to Execute Donald Trump?


Robert Mueller is a neo-con. Trump’s death warrant has been signed.

Ex-FBI head Mueller appointed special counsel to investigate alleged Russian meddling in US election

Deputy attorney general appoints special counsel to oversee probe of Russian interference in election

UPDATE: Appointing Joe Lieberman to the FBI — Lieberman is an ardent Zionist, an ardent neo-con, and and an ardent Democrat pretending to be Independent, will be the death of Trump.

ROBERT STEELE: Robert Mueller is a completely dishonest neo-conservative who covered up 9/11 in the years after it occurred, serving as Dick Cheney’s trusted white-washer and evidence-tamperer. His appointment as a special prosecuter bodes ill for our legitimately-elected president, and I am astonished that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not gotten better advice and better intelligence on this matter. The Russians did not hack the election, this has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. To give a neo-conservative hack who betrayed the public trust in covering up 9/11 for years is to once again confirm that the US Government is in enemy hands and our President is a prisoner in t he White House. If Joe Lieberman, the top Mossad agent and most trusted virtual Ambassador for Israel to the USA is appointed head of the FBI, our President may as well commit suicide as his death warrant has clearly been signed and sealed. Donald Trump can still be the greatest president ever, but he has to break out of the box  that the neo-cons and their Zionist, Saudi, and Khazrian Mafia led by the Rothchilds and the Vatican have built around him. The game plan for liberty is below. All the President has to do is say “yes.”

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