ITNJ Judicial Commission on Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse (Pedophilia): Reflections on 8M Children a Year, Many Dead within 2 Years

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8 million children a year — 22,000 a day — is a provisional number. Death within two years of entering the system is a provisional assumption. What this really means is that the greatest on-going genocide on Earth — running for centuries, is that against children…

From a Commissioner with direct experience interviewing both survivors of pedophilia and satanic rituals, and those imprisoned for these practices.

In regard to putting a number on missing children worldwide here are just some of the challenges:

1. In developed countries the missing children’s database is essentially a collection of filed police reports from across the country.  In order to generate a police report a family member must walk into the police station and say ‘my child is missing’.  In many cases of missing children the adults in question wont do that because they themselves are the abusers and the reason the child ran away.

2. The offenders you are talking about are not looking for children who come from loving homes where the parents will most certainly march into a police station to report their child missing.  These offenders target children who are much more vulnerable than that, who ran away long ago, never had a missing children’s report generated and have been lost to the system for some time.

3. The missing children’s system is sure to have infiltrators from the very groups you want to reveal who ensure that red flags quickly get squashed – the system will be set up this way.

4. Most countries around the world still don’t have a missing children’s register, an online centralized police database for missing children, investigators who could look into something that smells fishy, bosses who would support them if they did start to go down a rabbit hole, families who would be willing to walk into a police station and file a missing children’s report – even if the officer they were talking to cared, had such a form to fill out, had a computer and ink in the printer, had a filing system, had a budget and the resources to go out and investigate, had a boss who supported that, had the ability to reveal a cover up or mafia involvement, had the ability to sidestep their boss and report it up higher in the event that it wasn’t being taken seriously, had a budget to run a missing children’s search or media campaign, had connections to international law enforcement and other agencies to check whether that child had been trafficked abroad, had the ability to bring such a case to federal police or the ministerial level and had the backing of the government, the media and the public to expose such organised crimes.

The barriers to reporting a missing child; capturing that data reliably; ensuring that the centralized system is not corrupted by internal moles; having the training, resources and permission to put together a large-scale investigation that ties these missing children’s cases together and reveals the bigger picture; manages to rescue, safehouse, provide therapy, conduct forensic exams and interviews, prepare the victims for court; ensure that that court case stays clean and on track; has the laws even in place to use; and brings such cases to the attention of the general public via mainstream media as well as the highest levels of Government is almost impossible in the US or the UK.  Now you imagine trying to make all that work in a 3rd world country!!

A statistic that I heard of many years ago in the one country said that of all child sexual abuse cases presented in a court only 7% ended up in a conviction and of those convictions less that 10% went to jail.  Now you consider that perhaps less than 1% of cases ever get reported to the police and end up in a court room.  So now we’re looking at less that 0.001% of child sexual abuse cases ending in a conviction.  And since the country in question generally doles out 3-6 year sentences for such crimes, instead of 25 years to life as in some other countries, we can also see that the offender is likely to be out and offending again soon enough.

Even very high profile cases that gain the attention of the national media and Government very quickly got covered up.  National-level agencies swoop in and took it out of the hands of any officer who truly wanted to get to the bottom of it. As I have found in my own experience, individual lower cases are quickly stiffled and not allowed to proceed toward full discovery.

If that’s the reality in a so-called advanced country then imagine what the reality is in typical Third World country, for example, a country that has zero child protection units, no special trained officers and no special task force, no safe houses, barely any clean judges, no training on the laws that they do actually have in place but don’t know about so can’t use, and barely any desire by the public, the Government or the people behind the Government to reveal or stop any of this.

I’m sorry to rant but trying to put a figure on this issue is simply impossible.  We don’t know how many children are really missing in West, let alone Third World countries and particularly Arabia, Central Asia, South East Asia, and the Americas including the Caribbean – name any country on the planet and the honest answer is the same: we don’t know!!!

The claim that 8 million children go missing every year worldwide is entirely impossible to prove or disprove.  We simply do not know the percentage of children that end up in sexual slavery, or the percentage that end up in ritual abuse and ultimately death after blood and body exploitation. Sure, children are being sacrificed.  How many?  We don’t know.  How many offenders are involved?  We don’t know.  Is this problem real?  According to the survivors and those who work with them yes it is absolutely real.  Does it deserve real, true investigation – yes without question.  Does it directly involve people in very high places – according to survivors it’s an absolute certainty.

This is a topic that many people have tried to fight over the last few decades, with extremely limited success.  Any attempts to reveal what is going on must be evidence-based – victim testimonies can easily be ripped to pieces in the court room.  We need forensic evidence – photos, film and money trails to put together a strong case.  And the people who present the case need to have credibility that can not be destroyed within a few simple headlines.

We need to look at the whole problem, not just this specific niche.  We need to collect massive data from within the system itself without relying on a few scant whistle blower testimonies.  We must bring together the voices of all sorts of reputable people who can each stand up to public and press scrutiny.  And we must seek to provide solutions as well as exposing the scale of the problem.

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