Anna Von Reitz: The Illicit Taking of America — The Short Short Version — President Donald Trump Said to Be Aware

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The Short, Short Version

The scags back in the 30’s made a false claim against our assets by pretending that we were all Territorial United States Citizens by choice — that we all “volunteered” into that status in exchange for the “benefits” of Social Security (which we paid for times ten ourselves) and similar such bogus “benefits” like registering our private cars as property belonging to them and available for them to use as collateral for loans, etc., etc., etc.

They did this with our labor and our land — everything.  And all without telling us.

It would be like being named as the co-signer on a car loan without ever being told a word about it.  It’s an “unconscionable contract” — literally, because there was no “meeting of the minds” possible.  They just did it, and the greedy banks let them do it.

It is totally illegal and unlawful and morally bankrupt to boot.

Okay, so the moment we find out, we can object.  We found out and started objecting immediately.  We went to the Pope. We went to the Queen.  We went to the FBI.  We went to Interpol.  We went to the DOJ.  We went to the UN.  We went to the Inspector Generals.  We went to the Postmasters.

And they all stood there staring at us like we were Mr. Ed — but we have the proof and everything we are telling you is playing out as we speak.

The Historic Trusts are all locked up.  Nobody can get a transaction through to save themselves.

Why?  Because these yahoos, the Governors of the States of States, like the State of Ohio, went bankrupt while in possession of our purportedly “abandoned estates”.  That means that our estates are “presumed to be” property belonging to the bankrupt State of Ohio, for example, available for the creditors of the State of Ohio to claim under the rules of maritime commerce.

Using the car loan analogy, everything went along fine as long as the State of Ohio made its payments.  Nobody was the wiser, really.

The moment the State of Ohio goes bankrupt, the payments don’t get made and the co-signers get dunned.  If the co-signers don’t pay, the car gets repossessed.

If Trump and Company don’t wake up to the game the international bankers are playing, and tell the State of State Governors to release our names and estates Quit Claim and Quiet Title them back to us effective with the day we were born, foreign creditors will own this whole country as a result of this criminal fraud against the American States and people.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: As received via email on 26 May 2018 and published with permission. This boils down to two major constitutional issues:

01 Delegation of authority (consent of the government) usurped

02 Switch from common law favoring the people to statutory law on a “pay to play” basis

There is a need for a book comprehensible by the average citizen, on this topic. I believe money can be found for a ten person team to research and write the book, and create a related audio-visual documentary, in time for 2020.


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