Anna Von Reitz: Karen Hudes, The World Bank, and Your Gold — Restoring Primacy of We the People as Creditors Against the Cabal

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The Truth About Karen Hudes, The World Bank, and Your Gold

As the Federal Code Title 5 makes very clear the World Bank and IBRD were two of the three (Federal Reserve being the third) banking cartels that caused the bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc. in 1933.

As is also clear, the American People were the Priority Creditors of the
bankrupt federal corporation (See House Joint Resolution 192 and the
Emergency Banking Act of 1934) and also clear that the banks were
Secondary Creditors.

When that bankruptcy was finally discharged and settled the World Bank
received the actual gold— the physical assets confiscated from our ancestors
and which we are heir to— as its part of the loot. Notice that the gold should have come back to the Priority Creditors—the American people— but one the Secondary Creditors, The World Bank, claimed it instead.

For seventy years that gold was used as the backing and basis for all the Federal Reserve Notes and loans. The Federal Reserve, of course, received all the interest and profit generated as its part of the loot. And we, the legitimate heirs, received nothing. Zip. Nada. Not even a thank you. This is because the Federal Reserve and its minions serving as corporate officers of the new federal “governmental services corporation” made sure that we were
misrepresented and that our political status was changed without our knowledge or consent to that of a mere “inhabitant”—- a British Crown subject.

And what right would a British Crown subject have to inherit American gold?
Everything was going along according to plan…..and then, the Americans finally
figured it out. It must have been a tough night in Brussels. The World Bank was caught red-handed in possession of the stolen goods, just like a Pawn Shop owner in the same position, so they turned to their trusted attorney, Karen Hudes, to get them out of this bind. Karen Hudes is a card-carrying member of the Bar Association. Hello? What do lawyers do best?

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Phi Beta Iota:  Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years.  When she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she held the position of Senior Counsel.  See Karen Hudes online. On balance we find that Hudes has a useful deep view on one aspect of the problem but does not see the entire problem from the indigenous people who are the root creditors, to the Deep State managed by the Rothschilds, Vatican, and Chabad Supremacist Cult using Central Banks and banking institutions as means of control. Ultimately all government debts  (at all levels of governance) to all artificial entities need to be called into question.

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First, she lied about being a Whistleblower, to gain misplaced attention and
confidence. Then she lied about no less than four schemes she promoted as a means to hide, stash, cash, or give away the purloined gold belonging to the Americans. When I called her on it on Facebook, she “unfriended” me in record time and hasn’t had the common decency to directly communicate ever since.

And now she is just lying some more, apparently in an effort to find a  scapegoat for the still more outrageous and (she hopes) final plan to give our gold to an organization calling itself the “County Executives”. There’s just one little problem, Karen. Those aren’t our “Counties” nor are they our Executives”. They are officers of a colluding conglomerate being run by the brand new UN-sponsored “FEDERAL RESERVE” and they have (1) no public office; (2) no public oath; (3) no public bond; and most importantly—– no relationship to us, the actual living people to whom both the gold and the interest from its investment is owed.

So the World Bank has colluded once again with the new brand of “FEDERAL
RESERVE” to cheat the American people in violation of every Public Law and
fiduciary duty on Earth.

Now, I would like to address a number of additional, almost gratuitous lies told
by Karen Hudes about me, woman to woman.

(1) Karen has variously styled me a “Vatican agent” and as an “advisor” to the
Vatican. This is probably because Benedict XVI asked me to act against her and her banker bosses and return the American property to the Americans it is owed to. What a concept!

In point of fact, I have never, ever been associated with the “Vatican” at all. I
have a one-on-one relationship with the Pope that totally bypasses the Roman
Curia, much less the Vatican—-because I agreed with him that American assets should be returned to Americans and not retained by criminal banking cartels such as the one she works for.

Oh, and as for me being “one of the evil Jesuits”—- I am a lifelong, card-
carrying Lutheran. Anyone who doubts it can call up the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and satisfy themselves on that point all
day long. If I am a Catholic, Hitler was a Jew.

2. Karen has accused me—- me, specifically, as working to prevent or delay the so-called “Global Reset”—- I suppose I should be flattered that anyone thinks a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, has such power?

The truth is much more pragmatic. The bankers she works for have been
holding up the Reset while they wrangle for immunity for themselves. After all
the misery and death and destruction they have caused, after all the crimes
they have committed, they want guarantees of immunity for their precious little selves and their ill-gotten gains.

The World Bank is, after all, willing to give anyone the gold, once it was proven
that it was stolen and belonged to the Americans. The Federal Reserve is still hoping that we won’t demand the interest and profit they purloined, but, yes, that’s due to be paid out to the American people, too.

What do you all say? There are three options:

(1) take them all out and gibbet them as pirates—because that’s what they are;

(2) forgive them all their transgressions because they are whining a lot and promising to be good boys from now on;

(3) something in between.

I, myself, speaking strictly for myself, favor the “something in between” option.
I don’t want to see bloodshed over white collar fraud, but I do want to see
remedy for the victims and demand that all American assets be returned to the possession, enjoyment, and control of the American people—that is, “the free sovereign and independent people of the United States”.

Read my lips, Karen. Also freely interpret the hand gestures.

If you think that you and the World Bank are getting away with a “hand off” to
some of your cronies and pretending that they represent us, you haven’t been
following the facts very closely.

And you grossly underestimate the real powers of both the Pope and the little
old lady you’ve maligned—not because we are such big, important people, but
because we are standing up in behalf of 5 billion other people who have been
cheated and defrauded and mischaracterized by the banks you work for.

I would say that if you, Karen, and your bosses at World Bank all want immunity and want to be forgiven your sins you need to give the gold back to the actual beneficiaries and heirs as a first step. That precludes any move to give our gold to anyone merely claiming to “represent” us. It also precludes any attempt to further defraud or mischaracterize us.

And then you need to rat out all the other slime-bags who have contributed to this situation, while acting lawfully and circumspectly and in accordance with the Law of the Land from now on. Otherwise, we are all going to recognize you as nothing but common criminals in fancy suits.

3. In her endless search to find a scapegoat, Karen has recently come up with
the nebulous “Network of Global Control” discovered by a process of statistical correlation on mega-computers using data nets so vast they can find Black Holes in the sky. Dutch researchers have confirmed the fact that only a few interrelated corporations actually control everything on Earth and are, therefore, responsible for this mess. Duh? She (and they) could have simply read our published affidavit— You Know Something Is Wrong When….An Affidavit of Probable Cause (CreateSpace, 2015)

Everything in the “world”— the fake entity created by Man, as opposed to the
Earth—- has been organized under the Unam Sanctum Trust as an interlocking trust directorate under the control of the Holy See for the better part of 700 years, and by “royal families” for another 500 years before that.

What could anyone expect, but that a handful of corporations would be
interconnected with all the other corporations? This is not rocket science. This is what happens naturally when you organize an entire planet as an interlocking trust directorate, and then operate it in international jurisdiction of the sea?

Yet, here’s Karen, trumpeting about this supposedly “new” threat? Blaming this “Network of Global Control” that has just been discovered?

The so-called Network of Global Control was in charge when Karen’s great-
Grandmother was a spark in her Father’s eye, even if it was called by different
names, even if it was not incorporated, even if there were a greater number of
players long ago.

It all comes down to the same thing. This entire planet has been controlled by a small number of people generation to generation, and depending on how
diseased or enlightened their minds were, all people have benefited and suffered the same.

We have public roads and bridges and hospitals and libraries, schools and police and fire protection services, telephone and electrical and gas and sanitation and a great many other things now as a result of that “evil” Network of Global Control. And for all that, we can be grateful and supportive, without being enslaved.

At the same time, we have also suffered endless wars and privations, continual “pot stirring” and vicious wrong-headed political, social and religious
indoctrinations, war-mongering and profiteering, fraud and injustice—-and in
the recent round, press-ganging, enslavement, inland piracy, unlawful
conversion of assets, personage, barratry, and undermining of our lawful
national governments.

It’s time for the people of the world to cut the mustard and pull the rugs out
from under the corporations causing these miseries. Corporations have no natural right to exist. When they cause harm to living people, they are all subject to liquidation. Think of Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, and a humble bucket of water. That’s liquidation.

The ones holding the final kill-switch on all corporations are the creators of
corporations— the Roman Curia, and, without putting a real sharp point on it,
the Pope.

This is why all paths still lead to Rome and why the Pope’s decision to take
action to rein in the banks has brought such a lot of vicious propaganda against the Roman Catholic Church and anyone associated with the Church— even a Lutheran who happens to agree with the Pope about returning American property to Americans.

The corporations, especially the banks, are completely out of hand—but we
have our buckets of water close by. It only requires the will and the courage to
enforce the Public Law and The Constitution as it applies to us as “free sovereign and independent people of the United States”.

Much discussion has been generated by the filing of a $279 trillion dollar
commercial obligation lien against the American Bar Association, the
International Bar Association, and the “Department of Justice (Inc.)” for their
part as undisclosed foreign bill collectors implementing this incredible fraud
scheme against the American people. That lien is just one bucket of water and it is not “paper terrorism” to claim what is yours by Law.


Anna Von Reitz @ Phi Beta Iota

Phi Beta Iota: There is a need for a Global Currency Reset (GCR) and President Trump appears to be intensely focused on this, no doubt energized by the fact that China and Russia and the others members of the BRICS have been planning this for over a decade. The GCR appears to have been turned into a scam in which thousands earnestly believe that Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, and Zimbawean “Zim” are going to be exchanged at face value (i.e. a million dollar “zim” purchased for a few dollars as a collectors item would be worth a “new” US million dollars for real). At the same time there is clearly something major happening in deep background that appears to include President Trump’s successful recovery of perhaps $15 trillion of the stolen wealth from the banks, and plans to introduce a gold or precious-metals back dollar. The President is reported to also be thinking about strict control on interest and inflation (he would have to nationalize the Federal Reserve to make that stick) and also a debt jubillee in the USA (3 trillion in student loans, elderly medical debt, and family/small business credit).  All easy to do with the right intelligence, counterintelligence, and armed forces to back it up. We have no direct knowledge but “the whisper” is that all of this is underway.

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