Anna Von Reitz: Video 4 Minutes to Donald Trump on National Credit and Debt — UPDATE 4 Michael Kearns 2 Pages on US Still “Owned” by UK

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DOC (1 Page):  Anna von Reitz on National Credit

THEY used The United States of America [Unincorporated], as the Credit Account in their Double Accrual Accounting System adopted in 1946.  We got all the assets and credit accumulation, while they kept the debt as a control mechanism.

The two sides of the ledger were never reconciled, with the result that we got richer and richer and had the full benefit of all accruals and interest undisturbed, while they did nothing but gather debt, debt, and more debt.

This is anti-intuitive until you realize the aims of the Vermin.

First, the Popes and the British Monarchs, had to demonstrate their stewardship of our assets.  What better than to keep our assets locked up and earning interest?

Second, by keeping our credit and assets pooled they could form a gigantic investment fund they controlled. This allowed commodity and resource rigging on a vast scale, culminating in the establishment of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which allowed them to control currency supplies and values worldwide.

Third, they established so-called “Private Placement Trading Platforms” – this allowed them to invest our assets by “blocking accounts” for specific periods of time and leveraging the assets in those accounts via pre-determined contracts based on fractional reserve banking conventions.  This allowed them to profit 5-10X the asset value, without actually moving or risking the original underlying assets.

Fourth, the runaway accrual of debt on the USA, Inc. and UNITED STATES, INC. side of the ledger let the politicians Poor Mouth for increased taxes. “The National Debt” also justified paying more and more to the “government” and the widespread belief that we were deep in debt then made bankruptcy of the government corporations seem reasonable, if not inevitable.

And what was this all leading up to?

The Secondary Creditors –we are the Priority Creditors– were counting on us not claiming our assets.

When the bankruptcy of the “United States of America, Inc.” settled in 1999, the World Bank (one of the original perpetrators) stepped forward and claimed approximately $387 billion worth of American gold confiscated by FDR as “unclaimed” property.

All the schemers counted on pulling the same schtick on a much vaster scale now– and got caught.

Donald Trump needs to work with us and the Historic Trust Association we have formed including the D’Avila Trust.  We have the proof, the standing, and the assets.  He has the personnel.

We need ten Forensic Auditors, a dozen Treasury Agents and a hundred Marines.

We each hold separate keys to the same lock.  Let’s boot it up and get going.


THE LONG INTERVIEW, with Tip of the Hat to Victurus Libertas:


From Robert Steele to Wayne Jett, an economist and author of The Fruits of Graft. Visit him at, his answering remarks published with permission.


We might have done this already, as I recall you said there is no documentation to support this. Am having another go. More people are surfacing who claim that their family trusts were stolen and treated as “abandoned assets” and I just think there three major crimes going on right under our nose:

  • Monetizing children
  • Monetizing the elderly (drug them, make them wards of the state, steal their estates
  • Outright theft of assets with complicity of the courts and audit firms

Interested in anything you can teach me on the fly. Here is what was posted today [this post].


Robert, I’ll make a few comments to begin, and we’ll see whether it brings us closer to understanding what you are seeking.

To the three major crimes you list, I would add: monetizing learning.

  • Quality education in private schools, beginning in kindergarten, is at a cost so high today that even upper middle class, high income couples are stripped of much or all of their accumulated life earnings by the time their children are educated for productive work.

Now, moving to the Anna von Reitz commentary, I do not think her reasoning is sound in certain of her premises. Yes, I agree that the US dollar is a promissory note. But she appears to understand the dollar as issued by the government and, therefore, as government debt. I’ve made the point previously that the dollar is the Fed’s promissory note; thus, everyone using the dollar (as they are required to do by “legal tender” laws) is exchanging productive efforts for the Fed’s promise to deliver equal value at some later time. Yet the Fed simultaneously is making each dollar worth less and less on a daily basis, so that ultimately the Fed will be issuing mountains of worthless paper promises which, all will agree at the time, are worthless. It is a substantially different circumstance that the Fed (a privately owned corporation) is the debtor – not the federal government. The USG has borrowed many of those Fed notes in order to buy goods and services, and has paid many of those notes back to the Fed just for the privilege of borrowing them.

Now we get to the point AvR makes (also erroneous) that the national debt is “owed to ourselves” and, therefore, can be forgiven simply by a good will meeting of minds producing no harm, no foul. Consider that the national debt is represented by Treasury bills and bonds. Many pension plans, insurance companies, businesses and individuals have bought such federal securities as the “safest, most reliable” investment possible. Defaulting on government bonds would destroy not just China’s national treasury but all of these private and public American and other investors as well, each of whom invested real productive effort in earning the dollars (Fed notes) into buying those USG securities. Default produces lots of real pain; not at all the easy outcome AvR

I hope that is a start. Let me hear from you when convenient, as I think about it further.



A very page for monitoring and understanding Q Anon posts is here.  Below is just one recent extract:

Yes, I’ve seen that Q post and fully agree. But the ultimate scam is that every “dollar” is ultimately a Fed promissory note that will not be paid – and we have never known how many dollars the Fed is issuing to its owners out the back door, and being used to buy real assets and services in enormous quantities. The Fed gives its owners a free call upon every asset and talent in the world. W


Michael Kearns, a PhD (all but dissertation) and a long-standing professional intelligence officer with both US and Australian credentials, has sent in the below.  We had NO IDEA:

In reality what happened in the Definitive Treaty of Peace, 1783, (8 stat 80) is, the United States of America became an agent of the Crown of Great Britain for two reasons; to provide “essential governmental duties” to the “free, sovereign and independent” “people of the United States;” and to provide
administrative democratic control (mob rule) over the “inhabitants of the United States” for collecting taxes and forwarding the same to the Crown of Great Britain.


There is something here.  We are not sure what. This needs Presidential attention (which it may already have) and a greater public discussion.

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