Robert Steele: TIME Magazine Beneath Contempt — a CIA Mossad Asset as a “Guardian of Truth?” Seriously?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I don’t make this stuff up. TIME Magazine has once again prostituted itself to CIA and the Mossad while failing to tell the truth about global events and domestic traitors.

How unethical do you have to be (TIME Editors are not stupid, far from it) to put a known triple agent (CIA, Mossad, Saudi intelligence) on the cover of TIME as a “guardian of truth”?  Seriously?

The others are highly questionable as well. Some died to random violence or mind control — what they published was not particularly worthwhile — and others may be intelligence agents.

This country desperate needs a truth channel that integrates texts, emails, a social media sharing ecology, file sharing, video sharing, multi-media tagging (weighting) at the paragraph or sound-bite level, and of course blockchain protection against Zionist and Deep State censorship, manipulation, and digital assassination.

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