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Global Week in Review

An exploration in citizen continuing education.

11 Threats, 12 Policies, 12 Players in One Place

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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Global Week in Review

An exploration in citizen continuing education.

Week Ending Saturday, 23 March 2019


Executive Summary as Published


  • Moral & Spiritual Decline. Many are discouraged, we not – dark before the storm.
  • Poverty. No government has a holistic analytic understanding of, or solution for, poverty.
  • Infectious Disease. Pollution reduces immunity and spreads disease.
  • Environmental Degradation. Threat to health but still misfocused on people instead of products
  • Inter-State Conflict. Veterans and public getting fed up with war – could be a world change
  • Civil War. Role of Amazon and Google in civil war emergent
  • Genocide. Both media and public are incoherent on this topic.
  • Other Atrocities. Brides being sold into China; lies about New Zealand proliferate.
  • Proliferation. Denuclearization of Israel is more important than denuclearization of North Korea
  • Terrorism. New Zealand was a false flag organized by Zionists to tar whites and start WWIII
  • Transnational Crime. No major stories.


  • Agriculture. Death of Monsanto is epic, no one is planning for what comes next.
  • Diplomacy. US diplomacy ignorant and “in a hole,” President is not helping with ignorant tweets
  • Economy. Floods hurt US agriculture, Boeing’s lack of ethics hurt US economy, could be a dive
  • Education. We have become an idiocrasy – a crisis that will take two generations to fix
  • Energy. South Korea admits geothermal plant caused earthquake – this is helpful awakening
  • Family. No one is being serious about the state of the family unit – broken beyond repair in USA
  • Health. Lawsuit judgments against Monsanto are the health story of the decade.
  • Immigration. US lacks immigration policy – too much theater, no business level enforcement
  • Justice. Boeing is the poster child for the lack of ethics and engineering in defense economics
  • Security. Kushner and Facebook violate rules with impunity, others go through the motions
  • Society. College admissions scandal highlights “the cheating society” as the norm
  • Water. US lacks water policy and is not serious about providing clean water going forward


  • Brazil. Along with Indonesia, a major emergent power.
  • China. Advancing on all fronts, particularly trade, now owns Italy, EU and US are in decline
  • India. Could Pakistan and India merge by 2025? And perhaps Bangladesh as well?
  • Indonesia. Covering a very large swath of the southern Pacific, with Brazil and India, huge
  • Iran. Advancing on economic and educational fronts, cannot be underestimated militarily
  • Israel. A cancer that must be addressed sooner than later – MoveOn against AIPAC is EPIC.
  • Korea. Trump blocks more sanctions – this deal is done, avoid the media distractions
  • Palestine. 76% hate Zionism, 50% want separate Palestinian state, the end of Israel looms.
  • Russia. 80% Asian, across eleven times zones, co-equal to China and the USA.
  • Syria. Google was part of the problem. Peace looms. Possible: Syrians kick Israel out of Golan.
  • Turkey. Turkey is Ottoman Byzantine Empire resurgent. Arms industry emergent.
  • Venezuela. Like Syria, Venezuela appears on the verge of defeating US dirty tricks.

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