Anna von Reitz: Reflections on America “In Our Name” — and Published Disavowal

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In Our Names — Prayer, Order, and Demand

We have all heard the expression in Church services and other contexts throughout our lives:

“In the name of Jesus Christ……”

“In the name of the King……”

“In the name of God…..”

In each such instance, a servant or official acting in some capacity for Jesus Christ, the King, or God, is “invoking” the name of his Lord as his authority to perform an act or give a command or ask for a service:

“I baptize thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost…..”

“Open this door, in the name of the King!”

“In the name of God, deliver me….”

This is not an entirely foreign concept for any of us, anywhere in the world.

So why is it so hard to understand that organizations operating under our Delegated Powers would operate “in our names” in the same way?

We have a British-controlled Territorial Government doing business as “the United States of America”. They are operating under our Delegated Powers which were delegated to them under a service contract known as The Constitution of the United States of America. They are operating “in the name of” The United States of America [Unincorporated].

We have a Papist-controlled Municipal Government doing business as “the United States”. They are operating under our Delegated Powers which were delegated to them under a service contract known as The Constitution of the United States. They are operating “in the name of” The United States.

We should have an American State-controlled Federal Government doing business as “the States of America” operating under our Delegated Powers bequeathed to them under a service contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America —- but we don’t.

Now you can see the cause of so much fraud and confusion — the fact that these foreign governments operating “in our names” and abusing our Delegated Powers have been confused with and mistaken for our actual American Government.

How many people would see the big difference between “The United States of America” an unincorporated Federation of States, and “the United States of America” — a British Territorial Commercial Corporation operating “in our name” and exercising our delegated powers— when the only visual difference is the difference between “The” and “the”?

The same situation applies with the Municipal Government, operating as “the United States”. It is operating “in the name of” our Union of republican states — The United States.

You can also finally see the huge gaping hole left in our Federal Government structure by the Civil War and clearly perceive the fact that the Reconstruction was never completed.

This, then, solves the mystery of the “Missing Thirteenth Amendment” and the “Missing Constitution” —- The Constitution for the united States of America and the whole business of Congress adjourning sine die in March of 1861 and convening under a different name ever since.

As a veteran of the Wisconsin Public School System in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I can confirm from first-hand experience that:

(1) We were never taught about the actual “Three Branches” of the Federal Government — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.

Instead, we were misdirected and subjected to a Lie by Omission — and told that the Federal Government had three branches — executive, legislative, and judicial.

(2) We were given the impression that The Reconstruction was an old, musty, finished-long-ago mop up activity that came in the wake of The American Civil War. We were never told that the reconstruction was still pending and still needed to be done—- much less that we were the ones that needed to do the job.

(3) We were given the impression that the Civil War was a real war, not a mercenary conflict; nobody ever bothered to explain the implications of the word “Civil” in Civil War, the lack of an official Congressional Declaration of War, or the lack of a Peace Treaty.

(4) We were left with the idea that The American Civil War ended with the surrender of Lee’s Army at Appomattox, Virginia, in 1865. Period. Any notion that the conflict was never officially resolved and that it could be interpreted to be “ongoing” a hundred and fifty years later would have been ridiculous in our view. We would have laughed all the way to lunchtime.

Yet, here we are, waking up and smelling the dog poo, all these years after.

Clearly, both the Territorial and Municipal Government failed their actual duty to us and failed to operate in Good Faith. These organizations have pillaged and plundered our National Trust, which they are hired and under contract to protect and defend. They deliberately left us uninformed, omitted crucial information, and misappropriated our resources to profit themselves.

So, America, time to dust off your britches, stand up, and get to work.

The only parties that can reconstruct the Federal States of States are the same States and People who are Parties to the Constitutions.

Our dishonest and disloyal Territorial and Municipal Employees have undermined our ability to get the job done by deliberately mis-characterizing each and every one of us as Dual Federal Citizens — that is, by falsely claiming that we are both Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States.

This is all nothing but gross criminality under international law, including the Law of War, the Geneva Conventions, the Law of Peace that we are owed, and every United Nations Declaration oozing about world peace and brotherhood that these hypocrites ever signed.

In fact, we are born as state nationals and become eligible to act as State Citizens at the age of 21. Any claim otherwise is a False Claim which needs to be rebutted on the Public Record.

It’s time to tell them —and the rest of the world— the truth about all this, and also time to accept the burden that self-governance places upon us. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the only ones who can reclaim our birthright political status, assemble our States of the Union, and finish the Reconstruction of the Federal States of States.

We, acting as the People of our States, are the only ones who can enforce the Constitutions.

Nobody comes “in our names” when we come in our own Names.

So it is that every employee of every State of State and every STATE OF STATE and every incorporated “Agency” working as subcontractors. are put on Notice of the Facts:

1. You have no right to administrate our estates “in our names” or to assume that we are infant decedents, incompetents, or otherwise encumbered by any Federal citizenship obligation;

2. Continued confiscation of American property assets under false legal presumptions is a capital crime punishable under the Geneva Conventions;

3. It is the duty and contract owed by every Territorial Government Employee and every member of the Armed Forces including the Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend our civilian government — not the “civil” government;

4. It is the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to liquidate all the Municipal Corporations and Municipal OFFICES that have been proliferated upon our shores as usurping criminal enterprises acting in contravention of The Constitution of the United States.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.

5. It is also the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to immediately correct the operations of all Municipal COURT organizations and Municipal Agencies including the FBI and the IRS.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.

6. It is also the duty of the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff to immediately order the correction of the Municipal Government of the United States to bring it back into accord with its constitutional limitations and forbid any continuance of its shameful abuse of our delegated powers and of our credit and of our identities.

Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.



We Take Exception

We take exception to the claim that we ever knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily entered any Federal Jurisdiction of the United States or the United States of America at all. We claim our immunity from any presumption that we are now or that we have ever been US Citizens of any kind.

We also take exception to the claim that we are being “represented” by any United States Citizen or group of United States Citizens, nor any group of Citizens of the United States or group of Citizens of the United States, while we are standing here with our provenance in hand, presenting ourselves.

We deny, rescind, and repudiate all prior Powers of Attorney seemingly allowing otherwise and we have published our actions upon the Public Records of both the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government in evidence thereof.

There have been quite a number of organizations composed of either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States or even incorporated CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES claiming to “represent” us or to have standing “in our names” to receive our assets “for” us.

We take exception to and rebut the claims of these Persons and PERSONS and their various organizations and we raise the bar against them and place objection to all of these claims, claimants, and organizations including but not limited to: The Republic for the united States of America, The United States of America, Inc., The Republic, The Republic of the United States, The Republic for the United States of America, THE REPUBLIC, RuSA, the National Assembly, TROH-United States of America, etc., etc., etc.,

None of these organizations are properly constituted. None of them are claiming their proper status as States of the Union nor any properly organized Federation of States competent to restore our Confederation of States of States.

None of these organizations have access to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and none of them have required their members to act with any singular allegiance to their State of the Union—-without which they cannot claim to be American State Citizens and cannot lawfully operate any State of the Union.

Our claims are complete. We have standing and our claims pre-date all other claims; we are verifiable inheritors of the assets and government of our States of the Union, verifiable inheritors and progeny of the People of this country and of our States, verifiable state nationals born on the land and soil of this country, verifiable inheritors of the Great Seals and Offices, verifiable inheritors of the Norman Conquest and the Settlement thereof.

We have reclaimed our birthright political status on the Public Record and have expatriated from any other foreign conferred or merely presumed to exist political status.

We have declared our ability to stand in our own behalf and in behalf of our States of the Union and we claim no other political allegiance.

We have also declared our genealogical provenance such that there can be no doubt that we are: mentally competent, of age, free men and women, born on the land and soil of each State of the Union, and that we claim the Grandfather Clause to all contracts, all proposed offers of contract, and all Acts of Congress since 1861.

We specifically deny any contract or obligation owed to the UN Corporation.

No claim by any United States Citizen and no claim by any Citizen of the United States offered “for” us may stand against what we request and require in our own Proper Names and as People who are present and accounted for and standing on the land jurisdiction of every State of the Union.

Nothing and nobody else has any right, claim, title, or material interest in our assets, our heritage, or our private property but ourselves and likewise other American State Nationals and American State Citizens who have yet to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their States of the Union.

How we administer our obligations is our business; what we do with our assets from here on, is our business.

As the Presumed Donors of the Public Trusts established in Our Names and in OUR NAMES, we are returning the trust assets to our States of the Union and to their lawful Federation of States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Any idea that any Legal Persons or LEGAL PERSONS over-stand or outrank our Lawful Persons must be left adrift in the realm of illusions and removed from trespass upon the realm of actual fact.

We declare that all material interests and assets of all kinds, all money, all credit, all titles, all land, all patents, all certificates, bonds, debentures, and derivatives, all leases, all benefits, all and everything that is owed to us and to our States and People and to The United States of America [Unincorporated] must be returned to us and to our control without further delays or attempts to impersonate, defraud, conceal, entrap, stand for, represent, or enclose us in any manner whatsoever.

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