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01 Non-Fiction Book Reviews

Eternal access to over 2,500 non-fiction reviews carefully curated in many lists and also in each of 97 distinct categories — a free college education such as no college today offers and exclusive access to new book reviews — Robert removed all his reviews from Amazon in protest over their censorship of books, reviewers, & reviews but he continues to publish and buy there.

02 Non-Fiction Posts

Daily free access to 3-5 new stories and eternal access to over 25,000 posts such that one can research, for example, 5G or geoengineering or mind-control or any threat, policy, or cost, and find a good starting point.

03 Robert's Work Free Online

Eternal access to Robert Steele's life's work, all free online less The Open Source Everything Manifesto owned in English by North Atlantic Books, but available free for any foreign language translation.

04 Weekly Reports

Two free weekly reports, American Gray Swans by J. C. Cole and Election 2020 by Robert David Steele.

05 Presidential Memoranda & Letters

Free compendium of presidential memoranda on 9/11 that will eventually be acted upon and will finish the job of taking the Zionists and their neo-conservative enablers down as well as free compendium on Sandy Hook as a false flag operation and many posts, chapters, articles, and reports on false flag operations that will eventually neutralize both FEMA and the Zionists while protecting the Second Amendment which cannot be protected without confronting false flag operations as well as “red flag” laws that are unconstitutional. It is also Robert's intent to take on the national security warrant system of legalized lies that Sidney Powell has illuminated so ably in Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. The Smith-Mundt prohibition against propagandizing (lying to) the US public must be re-instated, it was removed under the Obama Administration.

06 Book on Pedophilia & Empire

Sponsorship of the book by West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State, the single most authoritative and comprehensive source on the planet. Robert wrote the Foreword and secured the cover art while also crafting the title. When finished in December, there  will be two indices, one total, and one listing names of pedophiles and pedophile protectors (including many judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, chiefs of police, and media managers) state by state, country by country. There are insufficient donations at this time to support Robert's further participation as Commissioner and Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Chief Sex Abuse, but if $250K could be found, we want to do a US seating in July 2020.

07 Truth About Deep State, Fake News

Routine coverage of the Deep State, Fake News, and countervailing truth for those who understand that most of what we are being told is a lie.

08 Catalogue of Zionist Strikes Against Judaism & the USA

The single most protected site on the planet recording the Zionist strikes against the USA (while respecting the Jewish faith) — starting with the USS Liberty, 51 strikes as of December 2019.  Not only can this site not be taken down, but we are helping others organize a massive class action law suit whose goal is to force (((AIPAC))) and ADL to register as agents of a foreign power while also losing their non-profit status, We will also expose, through federal discovery, every governor and legislator who signed each of the 27 unconstitutional laws making it a felony to exercise one's First Amendment rights and call for a boycott of Israel (and also not get disaster relief or a state contract or job). The day will come when “anti-Semitic” is a stock laugh line.

The  trick not only does not work, it is defamatory and I am very much looking forward to seeing people like Ben Garrison, one of America's greatest cartoonists able to caricature our cultural intelligence and lack thereof, win their lawsuits against every single person, donor, and organization that was organized into a conspiracy (triple damages) to defame him across global media while getting him disinvited from the White House, itself a  form of defamation. We deplorables will no longer tolerate this “anti-Semitic” bullshit that is defamatory and therefore legally actionable at the federal and state levels.

Others will do the hard work of investigating and convicting the other 49 Maxwell-(((Epstein))) pedophilia entrapment networks across the USA. Robert continues to believe that those being blackmailed should receive presidential pardons contingent on their giving up their blackmailers by name.

09 #UNRIG Electoral Reform Advocacy

Eternal access to both posts on #UNRIG and a placeholder site, Unrig.net as well as other placeholder sites being activated toward 2024 if the President does not embrace #UNRIG as his own — BigBatUSA, Alt-Gov, Alt-Intel. We will win the federal lawsuit against the most important of the attackers against #UNRIG (ADL orchestrated six attacks in ninety days) and then move on to take the ADL on directly (see 10 above). Unity for Integrity Election Reform is going to happen, and it will result in an honest Congress where one  third of the Members do not caucus or toe the two-party tyranny line, and all Members can make evidence-based decisions.

10 Open Source Agency Advocacy

Persistent championship of an Open Source Agency that will provide both Open Source Intelligence (decision-support) not now available from the pathologically wasteful and misguided US secret intelligence world, but also Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to rebuilt America at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model that is 50% waste and 90% profit and criminal financialization for the banks.

11 Full Disclosure Advocacy

Persistent championship for Full Disclosure of all technologies now under secrecy order — a promise made by our President — such that free energy, healing, and anti-aging technologies are all available to America First.

12 Trump Revolution Series Free Online

Free full text online access to the Trump Revolution Series that celebrates conservative deplorables who are fighting the Second American Revolution.

There are other reasons, but these will do for now. Every donor gets a personal email of thanks for Robert that opens a conversation.

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