Robert Steele: President Trump Being Schlonged by Israel, CIA, Pentagon NOT Iran UPDATE 3 Open Letter to POTUS Time to Fire Esper & Haspel

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It breaks my heart to see President Donald Trump being scholonged by Israel, Kurds, Exxon, CIA, Pentagon and then China & Iraq, NOT Iran.

The Zionists are using the Kurds and helping steal oil from Iraq. The CIA is lying to the President, either because it does not know, or because Gina Haspel has thrown her lot in with the Zionists, the neo-cons, and our Christian Zionist Secretary of State who is in no way capable of managing our exit from the Middle East. The Pentagon is divided and operating without intelligence (pun intended).

China is working with Iraq toward the expulsion of the US and an extension of One Belt One Road to include Chinese exploitation of Iraqi oil after the Kurds and Zionists are put down. The Iraqi government organized the demonstrations and in alliance with Israel and Turkey is hoping to goad President Trump into doing something so outrageous it costs him re-election. Patrick Buchanan is on the money here — if the President falls prey  to some combination of lies from the “national security” and “intelligence” mandarins, and his own ego, he is going to sign his death sentence with a new quagmire.

The only country here that is NOT attacking the USA is Iran.

And by the by, the “contractors” in Iraq are Exxon employees who are working with Israel and the Kurds to steal Iraqi oil.

I believe Col Doug Macgregor delivers a message to the President that the current National Security Advisor should be but probably is not delivering. See also the links below the video.  The President is being scholonged.

My position is simple: leave Iraq, leave Syria, leave Afghanistan, close all our bases overseas stating with the ones surrounding Iran, make the deal with Iran, and throw Israel into the trash heap of history. Enough, already.

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UPDATE 1: UK/Israel/CIA Seeking to Provoke  Trump, Cost him 2020

ROBERT STEELE: I am seeing a pattern of articles such as the one below, all seeking to deceive President Trump into thinking that he is a facing a potential Iranian Embassy crisis of occupation.

This Is Not 1979, And Donald Trump Is Not Jimmy Carter

An Alert Reader with senior level IC access writes in:

This crowd at the Embassy is a deliberate provocation by Israel and CIA with the complicity of the Iraqi government, intended to force Trump to take a series of aggressive actions that leads to a war with Iran that will in turn assure his defeat in 2020 when combined with all the money that Bloomberg, Soros, Steyer, and the Zionist MEGA Group  (Brofman, Wexner et al) are spending to mobilize anti-Trump voters outside the Democratic Party.

Another thread is an expected increase in active shooter and false flag events along with specific political assassinations to be blamed on alleged white supremacists but actually carried out by mercenaries, for example, from Dynacorps which is controlled by the President’s own chairman of  the PFIAB, Steve  Feinberg, a virtual member of the Zionist MEGA Group.

You nailed it when you called Israel a Russian criminal state, and you nailed it again when you said our President is being schlonged by everyone except Iran. The general feeling in my circles is that the President’s National Security Advisor is either too ignorant and naive to read the tea leaves and properly advise the President, or he is part of the conspiracy to force the President into a new war that is intended to weaken him in 2020.

To the above as context I would add the very real fear within the upper ranks of the invented criminal apartheid genocidal war-mongering state of Israel with respect to President Trump being ready to make the deal with Iran over restoration of Palestine. There is a growing belief among the Zionists that they can get Michael Bloomberg or Bernie Sanders elected, and that either will be more favorable to Israel than a re-elected Donald Trump.

Israel, not Russia, not anyone else, is the primary threat to the integrity of the US election in 2020, and the primary threat to peace in the Middle East. They know that President Trump knows this.  They are in full panic mode and this Iraqi theater is an act of desperation. I pray the President perceives all of this even if his closest advisors do not (or do but lie to him — they will make more money in the long run if the Deep State outlasts President Trump). St.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Below is what a depleted uranium baby looks like.  They are called the Faluja babies.  There are thousands of them. The USA will *never* recover from what it has done to Iraq because of the Zionist and neoconservative traitors in the USA lying to everyone to justify this failed war along with the failed war in Afghanistan.  War is a racket.  Time to stop it.


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UPDATE 2: Nuances of Iraq-Iran, CIA-Trump War

ROBERT STEELE: It was clear that the Zionist-CIA plot to drag Trump into war against Iran was centered on fabricating an “Embassy take-over” scare. This was squelched by the President and the leadership of Iraq. The “campers” were dispersed. Now CIA appears to have assassinated two Iranian leaders visiting Iraq. This is very much an act of war and absolutely against the best interests of the American public. If I were President every person associated with that drone strike would be fired and lose their pensions.  This is OUT OF CONTROL. The President is being schlonged by the CIA and the West Point Class of 1986. Time to close them down. Close down CIA, close down FBI, let’s get back to ethical fundamentals.

Iran’s Top Military Commander, Qasem Suleimani, Reportedly Assassinated In US Airstrike

UPDATE 3 Open Letter to POTUS Time for Fire Esper & Haspel

Here are four headlines and a commentary; the first by Gordon Duff says that Katyusha rockets — Russian rockets commonly used by Israel for false flag operations — were the instrument of assassination. The second, much more troubling, says that Mark Esper, part of the West Point Class of 1986 mafia that appears to be in constant betrayal of the President, claims credit for the attack. Caitlin Johnstone, as usual, is a voice of sanity.

Veterans Today: Breaking: US Assassinates Top Iran Military Leader…War With Iran is On – on orders from Israel passed to Trump through Ivanka….

Veterans TodayTrump put hit on Soleimani – RT – Has Trump just unleashed a wave of retaliation attacks on American troops by those wanting to protect themselves?

Washington Post: In major escalation, American strike kills top Iranian commander in Baghdad

CNN: Trump orders killing of key Iranian commander in Baghdad airport strike

Caitlin Johnstone: US Assassination Of Top Iranian Military Official May Ignite World War

My White House Comment as submitted at 0542 today, is below.


Mr. President,

You have been schlonged by DoD and CIA and the US Army Class of 1986. The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani within Iraqi territory is right up  there with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that was used as a casus belli for WWI.

If you actually gave this order, you need to consider the possibility that everyone that advised you to do so is an agent of influence for Zionist Israel, and fire them.

Right now you need to be thinking about damage control. You are NOT in control of the US Government (as JFK was told by Schlesinger when he was angry over the missiles not being pulled from Turkey as he had ordered).  Rule 1 in Washington according to Mort Halperin in Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy is “Lie to the President if you can get away with it.”

Mike Flynn has a better grip on this stuff than your current team. I earnestly urge you to determine if this was a CIA drone or a DoD drone, and then very publicly fire both the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the CIA, transfer the CIA drones to DoD and terminate their use as assassination devices (most of their [alleged] successes are lies, you are being lied to).

I pray this message reaches you but have no faith that it will. I am doing my duty.  To stop war with Iran, you need  to fire Esper and Haspel and put Pompeo on a path out the door. PNG’ing the Israeli Ambassador would not hurt at all.

The West Point 1986 class is schlonging you.  At the same time I believe that Gina Haspel is covering up for John Brennan and not cooperating fully in providing the available records on Brennan’s “green phone” calls to and from the UK with MI-6 and GCHQ.  Combine those with an NSA print-out of every unmasking as Bill Binney and I have recommended to the AG, and you have it all.

I am praying for you. Anyone who supported this insane strike and assassination is an enemy of the  USA.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele