Anna von Reitz: Oxygen Therapy Kills both Coronavirus and 5G Satellite Microwave Radiation Sickness UPDATE: Experts on Weaponized Spectrum

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All Roads Lead to Oxygen

Don’t be afraid of the corona virus.  We know how to beat the virus.  Be afraid of the vaccine.

The South Koreans have already beaten the corona virus with simple oxygen therapy — and that, too, is part and parcel of the story.

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Alert Reader Summary:

This is a VERY interesting article by Anna von Reitz. She maintains that the underlying cause of all disease is oxygen deprivation or anything that prevents our cells from using oxygen. Unmodulated EMF fields are doing this to us every day (one more reason we DON’T want 5G). The bio-engineered coronavirus also has a mechanism that deprives cells of oxygen. This may explain why young and otherwise healthy adults have suddenly succumbed to the virus. The good news is that the South Koreans have already figured it out! They are successfully treating victims of coronavirus with oxygen therapy.


South Korea says it’s successfully treating coronavirus patient with natural oxygen therapy

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UPDATE : Experts on Weaponization of Spectrum

ROBERT STEELE: I hear with emphathy those who wish to attack Anna von Reitz or challenge the “scientific” basis for her advisory. Here is what my experts are saying, I am thinking about hosting a conference in DC area on  this in late April.

Weaponized man-made spectrum is completely different from natural spectrum. Focused or collimated (sic) signals cause ionizing effect on cells and can cut stainless steel. 5G Laser is an example. Blood flow and membraces are subject to interruption and diminuition of functionality among many other examples.

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