Anna von Reitz: Comments on Great Awakening . . .

Cultural Intelligence

Everyone is waking up, but what part of it that people perceive is dependent on their own lens and experience.

It’s like that old story of the blind men and the elephant (in the middle of our living room).
They each grab hold of a different part of the critter and come to different conclusions about the elephant’s shape and nature—- and their conclusions are all true, so far as they go, but don’t give the real picture until you put all their observations together.

That is what we’ve got going on here.

I look at it in terms of how they impersonate us and steal our credit and resources to fund their activities. Someone else looks at the DUMBs. Another researches the chem trail and fluoride pollution. Someone else looks at GMO’s. Another researches the genealogy of the various Presidents. And on and on it goes.

More puzzle pieces come to light every day. And we learn more about old puzzle pieces every day, too.

I just sent out a series of oversized charts containing the blue-print of the Rockefeller Foundation Plan from the 1930’s and copies of the actual Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in the United States.

These documents alone are staggering in their impact, as they literally show the collusion between our Federal Service Providers and captains of industry and leaders of major institutions including churches.

Every State Assembly and many individuals received copies of this information —- and when you fully realize that this was happening in the 1930’s, it’s a no-brainer to fast forward to where this process has brought us on a worldwide basis: Corporate Feudalism.

So now we are looking at the Communist (“Red”) Mafia and realizing that Communists are criminals and liars and propagandists — and that this is how they spread and implement their Slave System.

Do we imagine that a political system that advocates death and enslavement for all but a few egotists could be implemented by telling the truth about it?


So, of course, they are liars and peddlers of propaganda. They have to be. Misleading people is the only way they can achieve their ends.

People who have already experienced Communism know it’s a Big Lie and always has been, so their potential audience of True Believers is limited to the ignorant, the idealistic, and the inexperienced.

The rest of us all know what Communism and Fascism are and don’t need to relearn any lessons.

Both are profoundly criminal “systems” that ape the old monarchies — and only replace the living king with the faceless, nameless, unaccountable corporate State as the god they worship.

I take it as a “given” that Communists, Fascists, and Corporatists are all liars and criminals because they have to be, in order to sell what they are promoting.

It then follows that they develop entire organizations designed to do nothing but spin lies and other organizations that do nothing but cause disruptions, and that they are constantly trying to subvert one institution or another to use as storefronts and do their dirty work.

We have seen their in roads in the Roman Catholic Church, the United Nations, our own government, and most recently, the World Health Organization, CDC and NIH.

By blackmail, by deceit, by promise of big payola and kick-backs, they corrupt everything.

Here in Alaska I hear that the State is collecting $310,000.00 per Covid-19 patient they can drag through the doors.

No wonder they are avid to promote the existence of “Covid 19” which isn’t even identified yet, after all these months.

You tell me what they are testing for?

Tell me what they are creating a vaccine to treat?

They haven’t isolated any virus.

Once again, it is about nothing but Big Lies, self-Service, and Federal payola.

An excuse to cause disruption and bilk the public purse.

And if you ever talk to any of these yahoos and accuse them of being “Red” Mafia, they will laugh heartily and say, “Red, Blue, Pink with Polka Dots….Communist, Fascist, Corporatist or Monarch. It’s all the same to me….”

They could care less about religion or any ideology at all.

The Big Lies are just tools to get what they want. The manipulation of money is just another tool to get what they want. Politics is another tool, another excuse to paper over the actual cause of the worldwide problem which is nothing more or less than organized crime, doing what it always does.

Why do they want to defund the police?

Well, obviously, the police have been used as thugs by the banks and drug runners and prostitution rings, so they are seen as crooked and useless. But from another angle, they make good scapegoats, and blaming them and defunding them just makes it easier for the criminals to operate.

Genius, right?

Commandeer the cops by incorporating their operations and misdirecting them to serve the corporate crime bosses—- then blame them for being misdirected—- defund them and leave the barn door standing wide open.

These are the kinds of things we have going on here and it is far too complex to be simple-minded.

We have to realize that criminals in both political parties, criminals running banks and criminals running corporations, have done all this for one reason: to profit themselves.

How do you stop it and stop chasing our tails?

Make it unprofitable for them.

Just forget all the claptrap of politics.

Don’t worry about “the Media” or anything they might say.

Just zero in on their motive— profit.

And take it away from them.

Start confiscating the assets of the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for knowingly supporting criminal activities.

Bust Microsoft into a dozen smaller corporations.

Clean out the Patent Office and wipe out all criminal patents. Why should criminals profit from criminal inventions?

Bust the big media corporations for monopoly influence.

Bust and liquidate any corporation caught using dead baby bodies for any purpose at all.

This is the way you shut this activity
down— not by politics— by depriving them of profit.

If they can’t profit by crime, they won’t do it.

Simple as that.

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