Anna Von Reitz: For Sidney Powell — On US Military

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

For Sidney Powell

And let’s face it, it is pretty hard to run 900 military bases in every corner of the world and operate only God knows how many illicit business operations — from drugs to prostitution and child trafficking and arms sales—- without committing crimes and full well knowing that you are committing crimes.

So the actual fact, Sidney, is that the U.S. Military that everyone expects to save them is just as filthy dirty though less obnoxious, as our Federal Civil Service—- and both are foreign owned and operated, ultimately by the Pope.

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Phi Beta Iota: We continue to believe the narrative as advanced by Juan O. Savin (P), Martin Geddes, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Ward. In the end, God, the Republic, and the Constitution will be restored withiin America the Beautiful.

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