Anna Von Reitz: Why the Military Can’t Afford to Wait [to Arrest Joe Biden]

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Why the Military Can’t Afford to Wait

Quite simply, they are being lied to and mis-advised by the very attorneys that are at the heart of this horrific, scandalous, criminal empire which functions under color of law— not law.

The theory that the military has swallowed hook-line-and-sinker is that they can’t arrest Joe Biden for treason until he takes a military Oath of Office and so, subjects himself to military law.

That is Bushwah with a capital “B”. All Municipal citizens of the United States are residents of the District of Columbia and are subject to its law. No need to wait and no excuses accepted.

Once Biden takes the Oath of Office, he becomes the President and Commander-in-Chief, and instead of being able to arrest the rat, the military’s hands will be neatly tied and they will have the “excuse” — again, that they can’t act against their Commander-in-Chief.

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ROBERT STEELE: I agree with the above.  In my view this is not about arresting Joe Biden (or Chief Justice Roberts) but rather about declaring the presidential election null and void due to fraud and doing it again, or making the case to the public as the four pieces do below, that the 4 million stolen votes far outweigh the 230,000 or so claimed margin of victory from fraud.

The military officers who are resisting the Insurrection Act and refusing to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies are themselves, whether from stupidity or complicity, themselves subject to at best removal from office and at worst indictment for obstruction of justice and treason (aiding and abettting the enemy.

Here are four links that are in my view conclusive, never mind the laptop and NSA evidence on Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Brennan, Rosenstein, and the UK & NATO officers who waged a covert war to bring down the US Government.

Bill Whittle: 14 Core Points for Election Integrity

Martin Armstrong: Can There Be a Re-do of the Election?

Robert Steele: Best Single Summary of Election Fraud & Obstruction of Justice – Margin of Fraudulent Claim by Biden-Harris is 279,000 Ballots; Ballots Demanding Investigation Total 4,340,058

WND: ‘Theft by 1,000 cuts’: Report outlines election fraud in 6 states – White House adviser Peter Navarro refutes media claim of ‘no evidence’


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