Anna Von Reitz: Sheriffs, It Is Up To You . . .

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Sheriffs, Deputies, It’s Up to You

Many of our Sheriffs and Deputies who kept Good Faith with the people of this country have suffered disciplinary action when they have enforced constitutional guarantees and Public Law, because these foreign corporations benefit themselves by enforcing their private “corporate law” instead.

This situation led to a watershed United States Supreme Court case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., and the standing decision that it is up to the “discretion” of Law Enforcement Officers whether they enforce the Public Laws, including the Constitutions, or not.

Actual American Sheriffs are elected by the people of this country, and they don’t work for foreign commercial corporations—- in token of this separate status as Public Officials, they are called “Peacekeeping Officials” if they are elected by American State Nationals and State Citizens.

The elected County Assembly Sheriffs are the highest ranking Peacekeeping Officials and their Deputies are the highest ranking Peacekeeping Officers. It is their Public Duty to enforce the Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions.

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