Yoda: The Tide Has Turning — Christians in America Now Against Zionists

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Antisemitic beliefs spreading among evangelical Christians in America

Trump, she says, “is surrounded by a Zionist environment with completely different values from Christians. It’s kabbalist. It’s Talmudic values. Not the word of God.”

In other words: It’s the Jews’ fault.

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Election 2020 – Week to 25 Aug 2019

Cultural Intelligence

Sunday, 25 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Multiple indicators centered on the President being out of touch with 85% of the eligible voters are emerging to suggest that a middle of the road Democratic team could beat him (Biden-Warren? Biden-Gabbard? Biden-McKinney?). President Trump can negate all of the indicators in two ways: by pulling economic and social rabbits out of his hat over the next year (such as cancelling the federal income tax altogether) and by radically restructuring both the White House and campaign staff to finally get serious about attending to the concerns of all Americans, not just his aging white heartland base.

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Berto Jongman: The Plain View Project – Police in Social Media in Their Own Words, Bias and Violent Policing and All….

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Berto Jongman

The Plain View Project

The Plain View Project is a database of public Facebook posts and comments made by current and former police officers from several jurisdictions across the United States.

Phi Beta Iota: All US police trained by Israel should be required to attend a remediation course that corrects all the brutality and bias taught by the  Zionists.

Alan Palmer: Free Online Book – Truth Will Prevail (on Vaccine Crime & Danger) — 50% of Children Will Suffer Autism by 2030’s

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I have spent the last 6 months and hundreds of hours researching and updating my eBook 1200 Studies, adding 160 pages and 170 new studies/topics. Best of all it is still completely FREE and is now over 700 pages with over 1,400 studies! These are unbiased, objective studies by researchers who are not funded by vaccine manufacturers and published in journals representing 45 different medical and scientific disciplines. The studies I have added represent the latest breaking news in the vaccine debate, one of the hottest topics of our time.

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Berto Jongman: Global Water Crisis – Economic and Health Costs

12 Water
Berto Jongman

‘Invisible’ crisis of water quality threatens human and environmental well-being: World Bank report

Deteriorating water quality worldwide is slashing the economic potential of heavily polluted areas, according to a new World Bank report, released on Tuesday. It also warns that the “invisible crisis of water quality” is threatening human and environmental well-being.

Yoda: Cultural Collapse Theory & Practice — What the Deep State & Zionists Have Been Doing to All Western Countries — the End of the USA?

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Real life, this is.

The Cultural Collapse Progression

Roosh V

1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological “progress.”

2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and socialism.

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