Robert Steele: Mattis Resignation Most Helpful — Reaction of Congress Reveals Degree to Which ALL Members are Bribed and Blackmailed by Zionist Israel and US Military-Industrial Complex UPDATE 8

The resignation of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense is both necessary and timely. The Secretary of Defense simply does not “get” that the Koreas will be unified, denuclearized, and demilitarized; that most if not all US bases overseas will be closed starting in Germany and the Italy and Japan; and that it was  the …

Mongoose: Israel Bribes (and Blackmails) Most Members of Congress

Midterm scoreboard reveals massive pro-Israel influence on Congressional candidates Senate Scoreboard House of Representatives Scoreboard

AIPAC 101: What Every American Should Know — How Zionists Bribe & Blackmail Most Members of Congress

Betty Boop” List of 53 US Congressional Representatives Being Bribed and Perhaps Blackmailed by Zionists (Israeli Government and Agent of a Foreign Power AIPAC

53 Congressional Reps On All Expense Paid Trips To Israel At least 53 Congressional representatives are on a week-long trip to Israel, paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), an arm of the powerful lobbying group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). The full roster of participants is unknown. The Congressional press office has refused to …

BREAKING: Benjamin Fulford — Is Trump Being Blackmailed by Kushner? Zionists Press for War with Iran — Alternative to Trump for 2020? UPDATE 2: Has Trump Cut a Deal with Bush & Clinton Crime Families?

Khazarian mafia play Trump blackmail card in final bid to avoid extermination By Benjamin Fulford Partial post with permission. Register/Subscribe ($11/month) here. The Khazarian mafia is in a state of deep panic as more and more people, including many Jews, wake up to their horrors.  That is why they are playing their trump card by blackmailing …

Mongoose: Former Congressman James Traficant – “Israel Uses Us Like a Whore…”

Zero Hedge: Paul Craig Roberts on Bill Binney, Patriot & Whistle-Blower on NSA Spying (for Blackmail) on Everyone of Consequence

Paul Craig Roberts: The National Security Agency Is A Criminal Organization Binney turned whistleblower, because NSA was using the program to spy on Americans. As Binney was well known to the US Congress, he did not think he needed any NSA document to make his case. But what he found out was: “Congress would never …

Mongoose: US Senate’s First Bill (S. 1) Treason? — Has Israel Bribed & Blackmailed Our Senators, Starting with “Foam Boy” Marco Rubio, to Make Freedom of Speech a Felony? UPDATE 2

U.S. Senate’s First Bill, in Midst of Shutdown, is a Bipartisan Defense of the Israeli Government from Boycotts S.1 will be a compendium containing a handful of foreign-policy related measures, a main one of which is a provision, with Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio as a lead sponsor, to defend the Israeli government. The bill is a top legislative priority for AIPAC. …

Phil Giraldi: The Real Russian Interference in US Politics — Russian Oligarchs Buying Members of Congress

The Real Russian Interference in US Politics There is an alternative view of the history of Russian influence in the United States to the one now getting constant attention. It is obvious that a Russian who can get the Senate to adopt a resolution in his favor has a certain influence.

Congressional Research Service: Legal Sidebar on Russian Election Trolling — Robert Steele Evaluates Charles Doyle (B- for Facts, F- for Context)

CRS Legal Sidebar Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Russians Indicted for Online Election Trolling Charles Doyle Senior Specialist in American Public Law February 21, 2018 Full Text and Strong Comment Below the Fold

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State – Chapter 14: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State [Click to Return to TOC] Chapter 14: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System Joachim Hagopian Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission DOC (27 Pages): Pedophilia & Empire Chapter 14 The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Full Text Below the Fold